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During the field tests in various countries (read about our product in the previous blog), the Nagri team also explored the possibilities of practical implementation and prospects for product sales in various markets. When assessing the prospects of different markets, various factors were taken into account, including: market size, the potential interest of agriculture companies to Nagri and the willingness to quickly start using the product, entry barriers to the market, etc.

During several years of testing and negotiations with market participants in a number of countries, it was possible not only to identify the significant interest of market participants in Nagri products, but also to find local partners with extensive experience in agriculture, a wide network of contacts with agricultural firms, and the facilities necessary to obtain Nagri registration in the relevant state bodies. As a result of this work, we made a decision to bring Nagri to markets in Brazil and EU.

And now goes the information which has been eagerly waited for. From the moment the company starts to make a profit after promotion to target markets, holders of NGR tokens will be granted with a buyback. Nagricoin will redeem NGR tokens at a market price. After becoming profitable, NagriCoin will buy back tokens for the amount of 20% of each successful transaction. That’s how we’d support our tokens price and demand after the sale.

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