Infinex — The Best Cryptocurrency With Innovative Decentralized Exchange

Infinex is an exciting cryptocurrency project that has infinite possibilities. It began journey earlier this year and got a significant support from investors and community. Within a short time frame, it got attention and attract a numerous number of investors. So, why Infinex got overwhelming responses over other cryptocurrencies? What issues are they solving that matter to investors?

Disclaimer: Please be informed that this is not an investment advice. All opinion are solely mine based on my reaserch and experience. You should do your own reaserch before investing or find a professional personal-finance advisor. 
Most notably — a decentralized exchange with user-friendly interface and easy access, reducing transaction time and so on. Infinex introducing an exclusive decentralized network where users will find an exchange, a live streaming platform, cloud gaming apps, social networking site, and a developer-friendly application store. The underlying features of Infinex are guaranteed security, privacy, and decentralization. In this article, we will try to make further outline the objectives, features, and success of Infinex project with proof of its value and worthiness.

Infinex — The Best Cryptocurrency With Innovative Decentralized Exchange

Infinex Features:

  • Hybrid PoW + Masternode model
  • Masternode ~ 1000 IFX collateral
  • Algo: Lyra2z
  • Minable: Yes
  • ASIC Resistant (reducing the risk of centralization)
  • Block time: 90 seconds.
  • Maximum supply: 26,280,000 IFX (over 10 years).
  • InfiniLoop: provides stability and security of the network
  • InfiniGuard: chain protection via Minimum-Chain-Work + Best-Block-Hash programs. 
  • TextSpork
  • Active Development
  • Very fast transaction times

Mining IFX

Infinex uses Lyra2z algorithm which is ASIC resistant and highly efficient in terms of use and power consumption. The algorithm (Lyra2z) has been chosen for Infinex network has already proven itself to be effective in terms of efficiency and user facility. Moreover, electricity cost reduced 30-40% with my regular mining rig which is very profitable. To sum up, mining IFX is very profitable, even if we don't consider it's reduced electricity costs. It has huge potential that will increase its value real soon.

The unparalleled aspect of IFX mining is that there were no pre-mine coin or ICO. Then what the founder gets? Let's make it simple, the founder get 1 IFX for each block mined, that also limited to first 5 years. This covers the development costs, marketing cost, airdrops and other rewards including community management.

Infinex has official mining pool with low fees of 0.5%. Another pool great IFX pool I have found is BSOD - who also charges 0.5% Pool Fee.

Decentralized Exchange and Infinex Masternode

The PoW aspect of IFX will be phased out and the network will be entirely masternode dependent. So, the IFX masternode and Infinex exchange are complementary of each other.

IFX masternode requires a collateral of 1000 IFX and the deliberated annual ROI is 175% in the case of 1000 active nodes. Currently, there are more than thousand active masternode. One of the most discussed masternode coin at and listed on and Masternodes.Online.

The Infinex exchange is currently testing under Alpha 2 phase, we are expecting a successful launch after this test phase. IFX matter to this exchange because this will be the primary pair to exchange other cryptocurrencies. Infinex masternodes will be used for making the network secured, transaction verification, signature verification and other functions as well. Different nodes will have different tasks, if one failed to do, the next one will do it. So, there is no lack of security. This will also protect the network from hackers and other cyber evils. InfiniDex resolves all the issues we are having with current cryptocurrency exchanges. Entire things at Infinex exchange are decentralized, simple, secure, and fast.

Buy IFX from Exchanges

IFX coins are available at and Cryptobridge. Both are good in trade volume and experience. Cryptopia will be added soon, as found on their announce. You can join IFX discord channel for more information about the project and future of Infinex.

Finally, Infinex has just added another real gem to the Blockchain technology that has unlimited opportunity to build and expand. Eventually, Infinex will be the heart of blockchain, so the sooner you adopt IFX, the larger your profit will be. Visit Infinex official website here.

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