How To Grow Your Business With Twitter

When it comes to growing your business, social media can be a powerful tool. You can use it to drive traffic to your website, and new clients, make sales and even generate brand awareness. My favorite platform for doing all of these things is Twitter. I’ve been using Twitter for quite some time now and it’s proven to be one of the most beneficial platforms I use. Not only does Twitter send a great deal of traffic to my website, but it’s also the way I have connected with many of my clients and customers. My tweets always receive engagement from my followers so I know they’re listening to me. Sounds good, right? If you’d like to see the same results, here’s how you can grow your business with Twitter:


Your top priority for any social media platform (and your blog) should always be giving your audience what they want. How do you do this, you ask? Know your target market. You have to get clear on exactly who your audience is so you can create the right kind of content for them. What problems are you solving for them? How can you help? Now, ask yourself: Are the updates I’m posting benefitting my audience? If your Twitter posts mostly consist of cat videos, then probably not. (Unless you’re a cat blogger or animal activist, obviously.)
In order to truly grow your business with Twitter, you need to make sure you’re adding value to the lives of the people in your target market. Focus on providing high-quality, valuable content at all times. That’s the key to getting people to follow you and actually stick around.


Twitter allows you to pin one tweet to the top of your profile. It would be in your best interest to think wisely about what you keep in that space! It’s prime real estate for your profile, as anyone who visits your page for the first time will see that right off the bat. Choose a tweet that promotes your business in some way. You can pin a link to your email list to boost subscribers, a link to a popular blog post to increase traffic, or to your latest product or service to see a growth in sales. Swap out your pinned tweet as your priorities change. One month you may want to focus on list-building, while the next you may be in the midst of a new product launch. It’s a simple way to see results and grow your business with Twitter.


Writing a bio is tricky for many people. A lot of us struggle to write about ourselves, myself included. What’s even trickier? Trying to write a bio in limited space like you have to do on Twitter. Since you’re limited to how many characters you can use, you have to get creative with what you write. Your bio needs to be to the point because there’s no room to waste space. Clearly state to people what you provide and who you provide it for. This will help potential followers decide whether or not they’re going to hit that follow button.
Another great tip for a successful bio: Use hashtags and @reply people when appropriate. When people search certain hashtags, your profile can show up in the search results if it’s included in your bio. Be wise about this and use the right hashtags instead of going on a hashtag overload. Also, if you’re a contributor for another site (like I am), @reply them because you’ll show up in their search results. For example, I’m a regular contributor to The DC Ladies and I mention them in my bio because it helps people find me and they’ll see that I write posts for their website.


Your header image can be a great way to grow your business with Twitter. Instead of just thinking of it as a place for pretty photos, think about how it can boost traffic, sales, etc. Since your Twitter bio only allows you to use so many characters, think of your header as a way to expand on that. Create a graphic  that includes quality images, but also add in a blurb of text that further explains what you do. Just don’t get carried away because no one is going to read an entire paragraph!
Another great tip is to consider creating a special header during product launches to promote your offering. It’s a simple, but truly effective change you can make!


If you want an easy way to connect with new people and grow your business with Twitter, join some Twitter chats! Twitter chats are a fantastic way to connect with people to find new followers, clients, and customers. The key is to pick the right Twitter chats. Figure out which chats are the most beneficial for you and your business and join them regularly. It’s good when you can become a frequent participant so people start to recognize you. Use Twitter chats as an opportunity to share your expertise and build relationships. This isn’t the time for in-your-face business promotion. Instead, it’s more about subtle promotion because you can share what you know and if you’re active in the chat, people will likely check out your profile.
I have been participating in Twitter chats for a few years now and so many of the people I have “met” through chats have become friends, blog readers, and even paying customers. (If we met through a Twitter chat, heyyyy!)


If you feel you have a lot to share, consider hosting your own Twitter chat as a way to get yourself out there. Choose a main topic you’re knowledgeable on and break that down into smaller topics that can be used for each week’s chat. Invite your current followers, customers, and clients to join you and help spread the word. You can even find influencers in your niche and ask them to join in as a guest host, which is a fantastic way to reach even more people. Of course, it does help to attract an audience for your chat if you already have a good amount of people following you. It’ll take some time to build up to a great crowd every week, but it’s totally doable!


When promoting your own blog posts, products, and services, include an image with the tweet. It sounds so simple, but it’s a great way to grow your business with Twitter. Why? Because an eye-catching image is essential for getting your content seen. When people are scrolling through their busy timelines, your image just might catch their eye and make them stop. Yes, Twitter does show a small thumbnail along with links now, but a full-size image is more effective.


Hashtags are an easy way to get your posts seen by more people. When it comes to Twitter, you should limited your hashtag usage to two or three. This is not the platform to go hashtag-crazy. (Save that for Instagram!) This means you have to carefully select the hashtags your audience is using and searching so they can find your content.
Also, use hashtags as a way to find new people to connect with. As I mentioned, focus on the hashtags your audience is actually using. Search them often and look for people who may be in need of their help. For example, I can search certain hashtags and find people who are in need of blogging advice. Then, all I have to do is offer my support by answering the questions. Don’t use this as a way to immediately promote your business. Genuinely offer your advice and let them come to you. After you’ve exchanged a tweet or two, feel free to send them a link to a blog post you’ve written that would actually be of service to them.


Are you currently using Twitter lists? If not, you’re missing out because it’s actually an amazing way to grow your business with Twitter. The truth is, when you start following so many people on Twitter, your timeline can get cluttered. It’s easy to miss out on important updates from your favorite people. Use lists to add the people whose updates you always want to see. Perhaps there are a few people whose content you love and frequently share… You can put all of them on a list and refer to it whenever you’re looking for someone to retweet or are in need of great content to read.
Because lists can be public or private, consider creating a private list of people who could be potential clients or customers. Refer to that list often and make an effort to connect with those people to build a relationship. They just might come to you by purchasing a product or service!


Obviously, there are a ton of people who are actively using Twitter. So, there’s really no excuse to not connect with new people on a regular basis. Reach out to influencers in your niche and start a conversation! You could very well end up building a great relationship with these people and you could potentially work together on a project or something else. Also, getting noticed by influencers could lead to them sharing your work if they see something they like. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed, but it’s worth a shot! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!


One of the main reasons people don’t succeed at social media is because they forget that it’s meant to be social. They schedule their updates and then forget all about it. They don’t make the time to check in with their feeds and interact with other people. Starting a conversation is so important because it helps you build a relationship with your followers. Check in with your Twitter feed at least once per day to see what people are talking about. Reply to their tweets, answer questions you come across, share their content, etc. Start conversations of your own, too! When people respond to you, make sure you write back. Thank people for sharing your content. Let them know you’re listening and that you’re paying attention.


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