Study Fashion and Haute Couture in United States

If you are dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, probably you are looking for best fashion design schools near you, so we are going to introduce you seven top fashion design schools in the United States. Before we proceed, do you know, you can earn your degree by studying online and it's easy to get enrolled comparing the traditional study system.

Couture is an art that men and women alike enjoy. All are very outstanding to the weeks where new and known designers expose their works according to the rules of fashion of the different seasons of the year. The world of haute couture is very competitive, so the more training you receive, the more opportunities you will have to be an iconic and successful person. The United States has eight recognized universities dedicated to higher education in various careers related to fashion and footbridges.

Study Fashion and Haute Couture in United States

Haute couture is the creation of clothing with high-quality fabrics, usually tailored to each client. The prices of high fashion clothing are generally very high, so it is considered a luxury to own designer clothing specialized in this field. Today, there is a considerable variety of professions related to haute couture within the following branches: design, journalism, marketing, and advertizing. The United States is a leader in the fine arts, and the universities that train professionals in any of these specialized branches are well known in the world. Discover the seven of the most popular fashion design schools in the U.S!

1. Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

In the heart of Los Angeles, California is Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, another fashion design, and marketing pioneer offering associate and undergraduate degrees. The campus is distinguished by being beautiful, its architecture and interior design are magnificent and impressive. Creativity and imagination are what predominates in the mentality of its students. This art school focuses exclusively on courses in fashion design, graphic design, and entertainment. This school also offers two innovative degrees: costume design for film and television and costume design theater.

2. Fashion Institute of Technology

Has anyone ever imagined that by 2011 there would be a higher education center that would offer almost 45 degrees related to fashion and haute couture? I imagine not, but it is a contemporary reality. The more than 40 concentrations provided by Fashion School of New York State University, Fashion Institute of Technology, include, among others, history of fashion, design and garment making, selection, and treatment of fabrics and fashion design with reusable materials. Students can take internships or internships at fabulous companies such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Coach and Vogue magazine. The list of graduates includes nothing more and nothing less, than Michael Kors and Carolina Herrera.

3. Parsons The New School of Design

The Parsons Fashion School is one of the oldest in the university. He has graduated from a large number of renowned designers, including Narciso Rodríguez, Donna Karan, Tom Ford, Alexander Wang and many others. The school offers degrees in fashion design and haute couture marketing. Students have the opportunity to participate in internships or internships in New York.

4. Savannah College of Art and Design

Recognized primarily for her degrees in graphic design and animation, Savannah College of Art and Design has one of the largest and most comprehensive fashion schools in the world. Recently, he made an agreement with ELLE magazine for the most outstanding student of the year to have a catwalk show at the famous New York Fashion Week. Some of the degrees offered by the university include fashion design, accessory design, haute couture business management, fashion market and luxury clothing specialist. Also, the institution offers a smaller concentration in fashion design for gentlemen.

5. San Francisco's Academy of Art University

The Fashion School at San Francisco's Academy of Art University was founded by artists in 1929. Today offers a complete training in everything related to fashion and haute couture. Among the degrees conferred is haute couture journalism.

6. New York University

It may not offer a degree in fashion design or haute couture journalism, but those who love writing and haute couture can take critical journalism courses with an emphasis on catwalks and fashion at New York University, a very prestigious university.

7. Pratt Institute

Lovers of photography, modeling and luxury attire can get a lower concentration in Pratt Institute fashion photography. This degree is unique and combines general courses of fashion design, textiles, and accessories with those unique to photography.

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