For most bloggers, particularly fashion bloggers, driving traffic to one's blog is a daily struggle that requires time and effort. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog is sharing your posts on social media. By social media, we mean the big four (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest). The challenge with all of these communities is that they require you to have a decent following to reap any traffic benefits.
Luckily, we've found four hidden gems - 4 communities to promote your blog posts that don't require you to have any following. And the traffic is good! How's awesome is that?

Think of this as the Pinterest for blogger outfit posts! After you submit your post, approval is pretty quick (usually less than a day). If you click on the post, the site takes you directly to the blogger’s website! To increase your post’s chances of getting clicked, make sure your photos are eye catching and your outfits are shown clearly. Submitting is super easy, but you can only submit up to two outfits a day. Submit on Style Gawker.

If you’re looking to expand your readership beyond your blogging circles, Google Plus Communities can be a great tool. There are thousands of non-blogger users who subscribe to Google Plus Fashion Communities for no other reason other than to consume content and look at beautiful photos…such as yours! Be creative with your caption, upload your best photos and you’re guaranteed to get some clicks and hopefully new followers too. You should pick a few communities to try and see which one converts the most then use them consistently. A couple communities to consider: (herehere and here)

Want to get free promotion on a high traffic, reputable website? Consider submitting your best posts to IFB Link A La Mode. I have been featured on this list several times and saw a nice boost in traffic. Each week IFB releases a list of about 20 links on their Link A La Mode page. If you want to increase your chance of getting approved, make sure our outfit post is more than just a regular OOTD. Reviews, fashion coverage, how to style and tutorial posts are highly preferred. If your link is featured, you are also required to post a Link A La Mode widget on your blog. It contains all the links for that week. That means your link will not only appear on IFB but also 19 other bloggers’ sites too! It’s a win-win situation. You can submit your link here.

Unless you have a consistent stream of organic traffic, many of your readers are probably other bloggers. I find bloggers are some of the best readers. They’re much more engaged, consume more page views and leave comments often. This is why linkups are so useful! One of my favorite linkups to join is one hosted by Sandy A La Mode and Cute & Little. I specifically called out these two blogs because they are very well established and have strong traffic. Whenever you join a linkup, always go for blogs that have lots of traffic which will increase your chances of being seen.

IFB also put together a big list of top Linkups to consider here. To boost your chance of getting clicks, try to time your submission when the post goes live to get your link is within the first 3 rows. Anywhere below might get your link lost in the shuffle and less likely to get clicks!

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