Selfie: how to play the picture and pose like a pro

No digital life without a profile photo. But how not to look like a quiche, or worse, a duck (the terrible pout "duckface" to avoid at all costs)? We help you.

Selfie: how to play the picture and pose like a pro
For starters, we stop taking pictures taken from the top that distort the size of the head of the body. A photo was taken at eye level, classic is what comes back in the trend of the moment.

One plays Kim Kardashian: 

put of bias, the front shoulder lowered and one defines his jaw. This means pushing his forehead forward, lowering it slightly and tilting his head to the side to avoid all the folds of the neck and draw his lines well.

Then look. A smile is good; 

"Squincher" is better. This involves raising the lower eyelid slightly towards the center of the eye for a more mysterious and seductive look. Amazing but effective!

We say "oh" and "ah": 

this would be the trick of Jennifer Lopez to have a good pout. The "out" makes a duck mouth effect, so it's not too much to follow, but the "ah" works well. You can also pronounce "Thursday" or "plum."

The smile: 

No way to laugh to the teeth when seeing the gum if you want to pose like a pro. The thing? Laughter in jerks or "giggle" in English. We do "ah.ah.ah.ah" in front of the camera for a natural smile (this can be seen at the wrinkles of expression around the eyes) but not too exaggerated. It does not make you look ridiculous at the moment, but it makes you feel good.


At the time of the cameras in each smartphone, there is no such thing as experience. Take a few moments alone to exercise yourself, to catch the hand.

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