Tips for walking as an excellent model of footbridge

The large number of models that exist today made some are prominent and recognized, while others go completely unnoticed. One of the most important aspects that a new paradigm must take into account is its way of walking, the elegance and also maintain a style of its own that is elegant, striking and never over acted. 
Today we want to offer some useful tips to walk as a good model of the catwalk, with which you will surely be able to have a better performance and make you highlight all your beauty.


Comfort: Selecting the right footwear is critical. For example, if you do not know how to wear high heels, you should not start with a high heels jimmy choo or 4-inch Louboutin. The best in one of these cases is to do it with a thin heel of just 2 inches and that you have already used and accommodated by foot. An excellent idea, especially if the shoes are new, is to scratch the soles with scissors or knives, which will minimize the risk of slip.

Posture: If you want to see yourself as a top model, you should practice your posture. If you pull your shoulders back and keep your pelvis slightly tilted forward, you will create the illusion of being slightly tilted backward, which will make you see much more confident of yourself.

Keep your weight on the tip of the feet: it is important that you get used to placing the heel of the foot first, then put your feet. However, the most important thing is to keep the weight on the tip of your foot as much as possible. Although you may feel a bit strange at first, doing this will give you a very elegant and stylish stride. The trick then is to make your movements very comfortable and natural.

Always put one foot forward: do not forget that your feet should be facing forward. Keep in mind that your footprints should form a single line, just as if you were walking on a rope. Repeating this quickly will give your body a natural swing. You have to be very careful not to hit your ankles with one another since apart from being very painful, you could suffer a fall.

Create your style: the sure thing is that although you can find many tips to walk like a good model of the catwalk, there is no exact formula. The critical thing is to practice a lot, to create your style that can make you stand out from other models, reflect a lot of security and above all, that you can feel beautiful, sexy and happy. 

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