The ten keys to becoming a professional model

It is one of the most popular professions among young women, who want to climb a catwalk, travel continuously, dress with the designs of well-known fashion designers and pose for great photographers, to become one of the faces admired in the fashion world. But it is not an easy road. According to the professionals in this field, to achieve this, we must follow ten golden rules. 

 The ten keys to becoming a professional model
Failure to follow these recommendations can lead to deception and financial scams - one of the great perils of this profession. Anyway, do not be obsessed with becoming a model, the important thing is the way, not the goal.

Important tips for a future model:

As soon as you enter this world, it is important to be advised by a professional modeling agency. The more you know the medium, the better the young woman's career path and the better jobs she will get.

It is critical to have a good book - a set of photos of the model. At first, it is better that the photos are varied. That is why it is essential to contact a good photographer. 
Once inside the profession, the works that are carried out will expand that book, both in quantity and in quality.

One must be aware that the model business is ephemeral. Therefore, care must be taken with the decisions that are made and their possible future impact, such as, for example, being operated on or losing excessive weight. Likewise, it's nice to have programmed what is going to be done once the castings and the works in catwalk or advertising are scarce.

Inborn physical qualities are essential to being a model. For example, you have to have good skin and an expressive face, among other qualities. For its part, if you are interested in the catwalk, you must have a minimum height of 1.72 meters for girls and 1.80 meters for boys.

One must know how to adapt to the beauty canon that prevails in each moment. The world of fashion is in constant change and the traits that at a given time are those that are preferred soon after can change radically.

Trying to train and improve is always good for a sound professional. A healthy option is to enroll in a model school, where various courses are conducted, all of them aimed at the formation of future models. Here we can find from courses of hairdressing and makeup to protocol.

You have to know the environment in which you are going to work and realize that you have to take it seriously if you want to succeed. It is not a hobby, but a profession.

He must possess enough strength and character not to lower himself to get a job. It must be clear that being a model is not everything. Therefore, there is no doubt about which are the limits that are not willing to surpass.

Be aware that working as a model is a hard profession, although at first glance it does not look like it. Among other things, you must keep in mind that you can be traveling continuously, which distances you from your family, or that you can live many stressful situations.

Be prepared to face possible dangers. On many occasions, the promises made, and for which considerable sums of money are disbursed, are not fulfilled. Regarding this topic, experts advise being careful with ads that "look for models" advertising in newspapers or leaflets placed on the street. 

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