The Perfect Model: What matters in a real professional model?

90-60-90 Of extraordinary beauty. Slim, tall and well trained. Full skin and long silky hair! No doubt the body and face are the largest capital of a model in the professional world of photography and fashion. Without a good look and a suitable size, few professional models can triumph. The question is: How much importance and necessity does the look and body of a model have? And can something be done about it?

The Perfect Model: What matters in a real professional model?
Be a top model! It is the dream of so many girls and probably also of many boys. But it is one thing to want to be a model of the High Fashion world and another to advertise for magazines and catalogs. There are many classes and categories in the fashion sector and being a model and if you want to be a professional model. You should first ask yourself what you want to do and get, how much time and effort you want to invest throughout your life in your modeling career and For what type of model you are really fit.

No, being handsome and slender does not guarantee success as a model. It is just as important to be safe and confident in front of the camera and a good part of creativity and imagination. Interpretive or artistic talent can also serve you on more than one occasion. Only you can decide how intensely you want to train and take care of your body and what kind of food you can maintain in the long run. If you can acquire to some extent the body that you need to have as a model, but this requires a lot of willpower and enough patience and resistance. 
So seriously consider whether it pays to be a model or not. Doing sport regularly, a healthy and balanced diet and a good care of the skin and hair is imperative for any professional model. Keep in mind that a commercial and convertible physique is the most sought after and requested in the models market. Visible piercings and tattoos are not advisable for a model who wants to succeed in this world.

As a High Fashion model that decorates the walkways in parades and the editorials of the most famous photographers and designers of the world of fashion if you need certain fixed requirements since we are talking about the elite of the world of the models. 
Female models should be between 14 and 25 years old, have a height of between 1.75 and 1.80 and be able to wear sizes 34/36. Male models in the High Fashion category usually have a little more margin, and their design careers usually last a bit longer than that of women. 
They should be between 16 and 45 or even older, depending on whether they have managed to keep their body physically fit. They should measure between 1.80 and 1.88 meters and have a showy and well-proportioned physical constitution.

If you do not meet these characteristics and you have no chance of acquiring them yet does not mean that you can not succeed as a professional model. There is a high demand for models of all type for publicity, for magazines and television until for posters and advertising of car. Depending on the product will require a particular kind of model or another, since people should feel identified with the model and therefore with the product. You see that in this category do not require a fixed criteria. It only matters that you are open and flexible.
Still, your physique should always be a priority in your life as a model. Here you will find some tips from professional models to future models:

1. Many models do not wash their hair on the same day of a photo shoot or a parade as it is more complicated to dominate the nose to the stylists if you have freshly washed hair.

2. If you feel like eating candy and chocolates, try the advice of former model and author of the book "Supermodels-Beauty Secrets" Vikki Nixon. She claims that smelling a vial of vanilla essence distracts you from the urge to pull. It works!

3. All professional models drink as much as they can throughout the day. It favors the elasticity and appearance of the skin and prevents wrinkles and impurity. A practice carried out by many models, and that has its origin in the traditional healing treatments of India called Ayurveda consists of taking a glass of hot water each morning. This prepares your stomach for the optimal day.

4. If as a model you have to make up, be aware that it is the face that has to be directly illuminated and not the mirror.

5. It is better that as a model you give up makeup in your private life. Thus the skin can rest and recover and avoid irritations.

6. Grains and other impurities are the nightmares of each model. Aid for many professionals is a couple of drops of eye drops in each eye. This protects the skin from bacteria and germs and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

There is no perfect model. You can take care of your skin and cut your hair well. You can keep fit and go to the gym. But in the end, your presence as a model in front of the camera or a parade, as you creatively realize your personal ideas of design and how you manage to understand with the photographer or the designer to get what you have in mind. Only you can get this out of you. 

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