The demanding requirements to be an angel of Victoria's Secret

The Victoria's Secret show is the most anticipated of the year as well as bringing together the most desired models on the planet and for their musical performances, for their spectacular " Fantasy Bra." A bra that they have the privilege of looking very few top models and that already was carried previously by the great Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge.

The demanding requirements to be an angel of Victoria's Secret
This year, the top American, Jasmine Tooke, will wear the fabulous lingerie jewel created by designer Eddie Borgo. Under the name of 'Bright Night Fantasy Bra,' Borgo created an exclusive piece for Victoria's Secret with AW Manzanar's jewelry, including 450 karats of diamonds and emeralds embedded in 18-carat gold, giving the jewel a Price of 3 million dollars.

The piece that required more than 700 hours of work for its creation and will be seen in more than 190 countries on December 5, when the lingerie firm broadcasts its fashion show from Paris.

Demanding requirements to be an "angel."
But of course, now that the moment for the sensuality sky is approaching, many young women dream harder than ever to be part of the cast that best shines the wings of the world and enters Victoria's Secret. Although such a path is not as straightforward as it seems for more beauty or sympathy than the manikin has. Members of the team have recognized that to enter the ambitious project requires a good physical condition to hold sessions in the gym and an unwavering determination to maintain strict diets and, also, five other indispensable requirements to become a top international.

According to the InStyle portal, Victoria's Secret marketing director Edward Razak warned that only 100 women in the world, or even fewer, have the potential to become an "angel":

1. Genetics is not enough
The girl must measure between 1.70 and 1.85 m. Otherwise, it will hardly be considered. Applicants must have the following corporal measures: 86 cm. Of bust, 61 cm. Of waist and 86 cm. Of hip. Which breaks with the old ideal canon of the perfect figure of 90-60-90.

2. Age is paramount
Candidates must be between 18 and 22 years old. The candidates are not usually chosen if they do not have a long experience in the sector a recognized trajectory in the catwalks.

3. We seek perfection
The firm demands that its models have smooth skin, a toned body and care and shiny hair. Also, the facial features should be very marked, as if they were sculpted like a work of art.

4. Fundamental the "gift" of seduction
The public should feel empathy and admiration for the model; it should be an inspiration. Energy, intellect and sympathy are the essential qualities to enter the famous "heavenly court."

5. Not without a representative
For Victoria's Secret models without agent do not exist. Currently, the most prominent agencies with the highest number of contracted "angels" are the Ford Modeling Agency and Elite Model Management. 

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