The country style of the Queen of England

The collection of Stella McCartney, presented in Paris, pays homage to Isabell II in her retreats in the Scottish Highlands. A modern version of classics such as "husky," water boots and headscarf.

Silk scarf on the head, plaid fabrics, trench coat and green husky. The "Balmoral" style (although Elizabeth II also uses it in Windsor) has shaped the collection with which the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney paid homage to the Queen of England this week in Paris. When rabid modernity and galactic outfits prevail, the divine Stella McCartney allows herself the luxury of re-creating her monarch's wardrobe in her collections. A gesture of gratitude to the one who named Sir to his father.

The country style of the Queen of England
And sometimes a "retro" coup returns "rancid" garments to modernity. The smell of leather, the feel of the wool, the permanent rain and the aroma of wood burned in the chimney have inspired this collection, which transports fashion to the wet summers in the Scottish Highlands. Every year, from July to October, the Queen of England moves her headquarters to the castle of Balmoral, a personal work of Prince Albert - Queen of Queen Victoria -, releasing Buckingham ultimately to leave it in sight of the curious tourists.

Albert of Saxony, coming from Germany, replied in Balmoral the Germanic architecture of palaces with turrets, a multitude of chimneys and strict style. In fact, the prince knew a little of everything and-surprisingly-he got deep into matters of dress, architecture, and decoration. He devised a thousand details to condition this isolated place, in which Queen Victoria and he would spend romantic times, with a simple life and in contact with nature.

A hard climate

The Balmoral style is not the best for the very sophisticated: combine the mountains, fishing, hunting, and country walk under the inclemency of a harsh climate, with a reading by the fireplace and porridge dishes. There, the uniform consists of leather shoes with laces, Derby type; Wellington boots for water, huskies, raincoats, Prince of Wales jackets and skirts.

It is said that the ladies less adapted to Balmoral's less urban style were the sophisticated Wallis Simpson - who preferred the elegance of the London salons - and, years later, Margaret Thatcher. The premier visited the Queen there on occasion and did not know how to adapt her jacket suits, bags, and heels to such a rural enclave. Diana of Wales, who pretended to be having a good time at Balmoral, would be bored sovereignty with the table games and the agricultural competitions among the locals.

Happy Retreat

But the images of a happy Queen Elizabeth, going to a family picnic on the vast estate or driving her Land Rover are some of the testimonies of the happiness that Balmoral brings to the monarch. Dressed in her Scottish skirts, shoes with socks, Huskies and silk handkerchiefs at her head, she has enjoyed "being nobody" with her close cousins ​​or with Prince Philip.

This week's Paris rain was the ideal setting for Stella McCartney's collection for the upcoming fall, a selection of British garments that make her a terrific ambassador for her land. The leather and the suede - always synthetic, since Stella is animalistic - were mixed with equestrian clothes, cross jackets of wool, raincoats, quilted clothing and silk scarves with horses and Paisley, in the style of Isabel II. Everything exuded tradition except the new underwear and the bustiers with accented shapes in the torso.

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