Prejudice and Truth of the Modeling Business

That is true, that is a lie. The world of models is often misjudged.

Everyone knows that to be a model you have to be attractive and expressive and look a formful and showy body. But how far do you have to get to correspond to the beauty ideal of the models business? The world has a rather false and disfigured impression of the job of being a professional model. They dominate the prejudices, and the clisés and more of parents despair when their children want to be a model. How much truth is hidden behind the clises?
Prejudice and Truth of the Models Business
Here we clarify some of these prejudices!

1. As a model, you have to measure at least 1.75 and comply with all the measurements and sizes demanded from the world of models. Without this, you have no possibilities.

It is true that some steps and sizes facilitate your professional model life if you fulfill them. A model that measures less than 1.75 and does not have the size 34/36 will rarely be hired for a fashion show. This has to do with the fact that designers can not manufacture the garment for each model separately. There is a standard size for professional fashion shows, and catalogs that are eye catching and any professional model that wants to work in this sector should adapt. There are even successful models that do not meet the criteria, such as Kate Moss who only measures 1.72 or the Rock'n Roll model Agyness Deyn with its 1.73 in height.

Also, you must never forget that an advertising model, especially in the categories of advertising and television advertising, does not have to meet the same criteria as a model of the high fashion catwalks. It is a very wide and extensive field. Measurements and sizes can vary to the unimaginable.

2. The business of models leads to drug consumption, anorexia and ruthless rivalry.

Unfortunately, it can not be denied that there have been cases of this type, even fatal cases. The harsh business pressure of High Fashion models demands a lot of strength and endurance, and many models can not resist this pressure. The image of the tall and thin model lead to many models (not just models) wanting to lose weight to adapt to this ideal and can end up appalling. But it is not the work of the model itself which is to blame for this phenomenon. It's just that individual cases come to the fore and seem to be the bread of every day in this world. In reality, the BMI (Body Mass Index) of each model that is hired for a parade is strictly controlled. In general, a model with a BMI of less than 18.5 will not be contradicted for any work.

3. Models are stupid and have no training whatsoever.

It is a cliché of the business of models that is very widespread but that in no way coincides with reality. Most of the famous models that have gotten it to a top of everything are brilliant people since it is necessary a lot of talent of auto marketing and qualification to triumph. Each model has to know that their beauty and body are passengers and that a professional model race does not last too long. You can not rely solely on your physique; you have to be prepared for the future. A university degree is advisable.

4. Models do not work since their tasks consist of posting a little in front of the camera or taking a walk on a catwalk.

Being a model is an art like any other job as well and requires capacity, talent, strength, and endurance. Many young girls imagine working as a model too easy and are surprised by the harsh reality. Often a lot of rushing is demanded, be it in model parades or a photo shoot. That is why the models are often treated rudely and crudely since everyone is very nervous and worried that everything is going well. For makeup, you have to wait for hours. Sensitive, delicate or pampered people have no place in the business of models. 
As models, you have to always comply with what the photographer or designer demands, be they the most uncomfortable and complicated poses or a wardrobe that makes it impossible to move and all that sweating under the lights. A fall in 14 cm high heels is the nightmare of every professional model, but it is not as easy as it seems to avoid. The working life of a model demands dedication, passion, time and strength.

5. Models are rich.

Only a minority of the professional models, 5-10 percent perhaps, become rich with this work. Especially if you are a beginner in the world of fashion you will be very difficult to live on what you win. It is a long and hard road to the top of everything and only the best get it. It also takes a bit of luck to get to where the best-paid models such as Heidi Klum, Kate Moss, Gisèle Bündchen, Claudia Schiffer and others have arrived.

6. Models do not stop traveling.

As in the previous point, the belief that models do not stop moving only concerns a minority of this world. From the photo shoot for Vouge in Paris to the New York Fashion Week and from there to the next job. This exists, but it is not normal for an average professional model. As a model, you can work without problems without having to travel a lot. You decide how far you want to go in your professional life as a model.

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