Model Vs. Actor-actress: Large and small differences - Which fits better with you

It is not uncommon for a professional model to also work as an actor or actress, and vice versa. If you have an attractive and expressive physique and you can work naturally and safely in front of the camera, you already have unique requirements to work in one of the two sectors of work, the world of models and actors and actresses. That does not mean that any model can also stand as an actor or actress and vice versa. 

Model Vs. Actor-actress: Large and small differences - Which fits better with you
Although in both cases you have to act in front of the camera and the body is the center of attention, there are important differences between the two sectors, and not all of them are worth both. Here you can inform about the particular characteristics of being a model and being an actor or actress to find out that it fits better with your profile and your qualities and if you even go for both.

Many times they use famous actors or actresses to advertise for certain brands since nowadays many actors comply with the measures of the models, but they like more the great mass of the population. Famous of this type are Nicole Kidman for Chanel No.5, Keira Knightley for Coco Mademoiselle, Anne Hathaway for Lancome, or Diane Kruger and Sienna Miller for Boss Orange and Peek & Cloppenburg. On the contrary, also exist traditional models that participate in a film for a paper of model or another paper that fits with its qualities and characteristics. 
Examples for this would be Claudia Schiffer for secondary roles as Richie Rich (1994), Black and White (1999), Deadly Trap (2001) and Life without Dick (2002), Gisele Bündchen with a supporting role in New York Taxi (2004) The Devil Wears Prada (2006).

As a professional model, it is important that you know how to sell the product that appears in a photo or television advertisement, whether it is a special Shampoo or a set of a clothing brand. As a model, you are only the bearer, the intermediary. As an actor or actress, you have to get into a role of an individual character and be able to interpret it. Any accessory you wear or use only serves to characterize the character and the situation. The most important thing is the action of the actor or the actress. As you can see, the camera wants to capture and express something very different in each of the sectors.

Another important difference is that for a model it is necessary to have a particular attractive physique and care to be successful. After all, it is the product that matters and the one that has to go well, so the model has to taste physical. As an actor or actress, beauty is secondary.
Of course, the majority of famous and successful actors and actresses are good-looking, but given that in this sector it matters more than anything the characterization of the character, an actor or an actress who is not attractive in common sense, But has an excellent characteristic or a very expressive face, can also succeed. As an example, you can serve actor Rowan Atkinson, known worldwide for his character "Mr. Bean", Steve Buscemi, Mickey Rourke or Sandra Bernhard.

Age is a model, especially for a model of parades and photos, a critical factor. For a professional actor, age alone is the indicator of experience. It's not important. The factor of interpretive talent naturally has more importance in one sector than in the other. 
As a model, you have to know how to act, especially if you participate in a television advertising, but it is more secondary than when you are an actor since talent here is everything. Be a model or an actor or actress your chosen profession, both take a hard road to the top to be successful.

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