Model Race: What are the expectations for the model race?

Becoming a model is the dream of every youngster or child who craves fashion, designer clothing, glamor, be the center of the show and travel the world.

Model Race: What are the expectations for the model race?
If you are determined to pursue a career as a professional model, and you feel you have what it takes, there are some key things to keep in mind when deciding to take that crucial step to the catwalk.

Time and dedication 

Building your model and portfolio career takes time, effort and commitment. A model must be strong-minded and resilient to navigate the turbulent waters of the fashion industry. Trust and strong will are the best self-defense weapons in this fiercely competitive world.

Professional attitude

Being professional is one of the most important things when working on a photo shoot. However, a fashion shoot consists of more than a series of poses. Be prepared to endure long hours with fashion designers or in a photo studio, maintaining a positive and useful attitude. Nobody wants to work with a model that makes work more difficult with negativity or ego.

Where am I in the world?

While being a model has its rewards, one of the traps of the industry is its nomadic quality, a model must be willing to move to the cities quite often. This often results in the feeling of loneliness and a sense of being out of touch with your loved ones.

Enjoy the trip

If you want to succeed in the fashion world, you have to put your heart and mind in it. However, keep in mind that the professional cycle of a model is very short-lived. So enjoy this exclusive and extraordinary race and live it with passion, but do not forget to continue enjoying once you cross the finish line. 

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