How to be a model: everything you need to know before entering the world of fashion

Want to be a model? Well, get ready because it is a profession terribly demanding, in which the preparation is everything. And we do not say it: the professionals of the sector say that we talked about and they tell us how important training is from the beginning, trying to absorb everything they teach you and thus take advantage of all the opportunities that you leave Presenting Interested?

The first fundamental step: if you want to be a model, the first thing is to talk about it with your family, and to look for agencies with experience that give you credibility. This can be seen by checking the time they are active and talking with people who have worked with them to recommend them or not.

How to be a model: everything you need to know before entering the world of fashion
To enter a modeling agency, the following steps must be followed. First and foremost, request a personal interview. If they give you confidence, it is best to let yourself be advised so that you can begin to build your career as a model. And is that a model is born, but also made.

To know all the ins and outs of this world, we have contacted Nerea Moreno, a well-known fashion photographer, also responsible for the modeling agency Thinking in Bilbao, who has answered a lot of questions and clarified no doubt.
Nerea - who, in addition to being the fashion manager at the agency, is also a fashion photographer - has assured us that working with a model that already reaches a formed shooting, working with someone who does not know and starts in the profession changes and facilitates Completely the result. It is important that they have learned to pose first to get the best out of the model. You must master at least about fifty poses.

To the question of if in his agency accepted books made by photographers outside the company, Nerea answered us that it is convenient that photographs of different photographers from the lookbooks, showing different profiles in studio and exteriors.

Between laughter told us that an accurate simile would be football: one thing is that you like and another entirely different is to know how to play. So just to have certain physical conditions you can not pretend to climb a catwalk and get you to parade. "No one goes to Cibeles to learn, but is determined," he said very seriously.

She also explained that in Thinking they are committed to training with one-year courses, three-month courses in summer, or masters class taught by photographers, stylists, make-up artists, and choreographers.

In image consulting they teach, for example, not to be carried away by trends but to create your style with what most favors you, creating a personal style to become a reference and create a pattern.

What training do you need to be a model?

Thinking as well as being a modeling agency is also a school where future models are taught to pose, to walk along a footbridge, image counseling, protocol in the social and business sphere, photographic postage, yoga, body language, and Nutrition. Something fundamental to be healthy and active. The price of this course is 125 euros of tuition, and then ten installments of 135 euros.

Training not only useful for fashion or publicity but working life in general, and a personal improvement in every sense as it teaches students values such as punctuality, responsibility, availability or complicity are the keys for a Model is always the most required.

At the end of this course, the leaders of the school convene a casting of national agencies with which they often collaborate so that they can sign some of their models that want to take the national or international step.

As we explained at the beginning, Thinking is in Bilbao. It is directed by Isabel Muela. A professional with more than 30 years of experience in the field of image, fashion, and communication. Large licensed experts have emerged from their training quarters and being in the provinces is not a handicap to achieving success and notoriety. "From the areas also come great professionals and tops like Jon Kortajarena from Bilbao, or Ion González from Bergara - whom we sent to a casting for the TV series SMS, and already stayed in Madrid forever, having today become a great professional."
If you are younger and want to be a model, you need all the security.
To work as a model, you do not have to wait to be of age: you can ask for a special permit that allows you to work being a minor. These permits are requested in the Department of Employment and Social Policies according to the communities and must be endorsed by the consent of the parents.

"There is a specific regulation for shows. In this case, the parents of children under 16 must request a special authorization to be granted when they try to work not considered dangerous or harmful to the physical and human formation of the child (those covered by the Conditions If you have sufficient judgment, the child must also give consent. "

The Scouter's job to enter the modeling profession

"It is clear that if a broker agency sees you on the street and think you have potential to be a model will address from the prudence not to miss the opportunity. Typically arises, you give your card Work and invite you to close an interview with your parents at the agency if you are a minor, "explained Area.

"If you are a minor, your parents will have to sign a document yielding your image rights ."

The "flair" of brokers in the world of fashion

Nerea commented that brokers often have a keen eye for what young people are going to do. However, he also added that "The camera lens sees what the eye does not see, and there are very photogenic girls." Some models work much better by advertising than by parading on a catwalk. A model of 1.68 or 1.70 cm in height can work as much or more than a catwalk model, working in advertising or television. "They are women with long-term careers because at 30 they can play the role of an executive, mother, etc. for hundreds of campaigns."

The model profession is usually compatible with the studies and is very usual to complement it with other works. "Models working in the provinces can hardly live on this job alone, they use it more as an addition to their studies or their work, but many then give way to national agencies."

When a brand or an advertising agency searches for a model with a particular profile, they communicate it to the organizations that send them a portfolio with a selection of their represented that best fit the profile, or even they make a previous selection. Area assured us that fewer face-to-face castings take place every day and that almost everyone now works with online books and recent polaroids.

How much does a model earn in the beginning?

Asked if the agencies used to pay the jobs made by the models until the girls started making money, Nerea explained that although the law states that work must be paid for 60 days, the truth is that most Of the customers spend 90 days. So many times agencies are forced to advance the amounts of work after allowing his commission that is almost always a 20%.

He also explained that when the models are transferred to a national or international agency, the usual thing is to advance them, if they need it, about 50 euros a day for their expenses. When a company transfers a model to another national company the 20% commission is split equally between the two companies.

Not everything is bad news: the usual thing is that when a brand contracts a model, it is the brand itself that runs with the costs of taxis, airplanes, and hotels.

We asked the lawyer if the models could ask for an extractor that they would disaggregate their invoices (the expenses incurred by the agency), to which he replied: "Of course, not only they can, but they must ask for it (it is called in the scene one statement ). And to seek all appropriate explanations about the movements appear written. At first, all I recommend you run on a schedule the work they do, who make them, who they make, and the rates that They have told them so that there will never be mistakes. "

We also asked if the models, working as self- employed, had to pay their monthly fee. Perez Argüelles, the lawyer we consulted, explained that we had to distinguish two things: that being autonomous for the purpose of the Treasury requires periodic declarations of VAT and IRPF. And then there was the obligation to be registered in the Social Security in the Special Regime of Self-Employed Workers. That the VAT had to be declared at the date of issue of the invoice, and the IRPF could be said when the work was collected.

Getting Started How to Model: What do you need?

Asked why many models started working in Japan, Nerea told us that there are times when amateur models begin their career in markets where there is a lot of work like Japan or China.

But to get your way in those countries, you have to speak English correctly and have a lot of work and discipline. The advantage is that as much work is done, the models usually come back with a good book, and jobs are paid for nothing else and not at 90 days.

Social Networks: Can you help models?

Asked if it was good for the models to be active in social networks, Nerea did not explain that models should know the importance of sharing their image on social networks and learn how to make good use of it.

But beware of the photos that are uploaded because a particular type can hurt or misplaced you.

You also have to be able to sign agreements with brands to be one of the first to unveil an advertising campaign through your Instagram account. Another income you should not discount.

"I want to be a model": We recap

The bookers often exercise of fellow travelers in the career of a model, but disloyalty is also visible in this profession. Having contributed to the development of a model and then let you down the road is comparable to real media cases in the football world: you prepare someone in your quarry and then change equipment. But you learn to manage that frustration, and you already know that life is a way.

The important thing when it comes to getting your dream is that you have passion and dedication. From everything that our experts have told us, especially Isabel and Area through Thinking, you should stay with the importance of these three fundamental pillars: training, vocation, and talent.

Probably in these three things is where the key to success resides.

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