Advertising Campaigns: The Importance of a Good Advertisement

When you want to launch a new product, a service, a brand or even a character, it is necessary to create an advertising campaign that augurs its success. Usually, an advertising or design agency is contracted to take care of everything.

An advertising campaign is full of components ranging from a market study to positioning in the media. " Few words, lots of images" are for many the creative basis of an advertisement.

With the common phrase " everything goes through the eyes" and " human beings are more visual than anything," in advertising campaigns seeks to seduce the view of the viewers and get to the depths of their unconscious to produce in The highly productive business effect.

Minimalism is fashionable in commercials, no longer used images are loaded, on the contrary, it is tried that with simple designs will catch the customer's attention.

The color, the size, the design, are some of the bases of a good advertisement. Using the image of models, actresses or celebrities turns out to be more efficient, as there are characters that are already icons in society and the fact that the human tends to want to resemble who it admires, this generates a very positive effect.

Such are the advertising campaigns of the great designers in which the top model of the moment are contracted to launch their collections, or actresses and actors of worldwide fame to take to the market some of its fragrances.

We can see models in all kinds of advertisements, from a brand of clothing to advertising a car, a detergent or a notebook.

The perfect Ace to augur the success of a campaign

But the advertisement is not the simple graphic piece that is exhibited outdoors, so is the one used for radio, television, internet and newspapers, so having a good wedge, jingle or commercial is of high relevance. Some ads have permeated society so much that some sing or paraphrase, now you can think of one of those commercials that just hearing the beginning you already know what product is treated and even you know by heart, like it or do not.

Many well-known companies prefer to use voices of famous singers for the recording of these, as well as actors or models to produce commercials for TV.

The success of a good ad lies mainly in the elements that compose it, in it must be condensed and summarized the end of the campaign, it should be clear and concise, at the same time as striking and shocking.

To achieve excellent results, these necessary tools must have been considered and, also, a very well thought out strategy, originality, creativity and experience is assumed. " The one who wants the best, looks for the best," as do the great entrepreneurs, who use the best photographers, producers, graphic designers and advertisers for the best results. 

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