13 Steps to Becoming a Model

Then clarify many questions about modeling and how to become an integrated model, many people today have the belief that being a model is to have a harmonious face and a real figure, in part this is false if so, we would be full of Top models. We present 13 tips to take into account and wish you a lot of luck in your modeling career: 

1. Food is fundamental to take care of it, and this is not based on diets or stop eating, but eating balanced, the body needs all food groups. It is hazardous to exclude some since a model requires good health to support the conditions of some jobs and in these can not be haggard but always healthy. 

13 Steps to Becoming a Model
2. Having healthy skin is essential for a professional model or beginner, you can not expect everything to be fixed with makeup or with Photoshop. Skin that is in bad condition or with imperfections can delay or hinder your career as a model. A Dermatologist is where you must first come and not forget to attend at least once a month to a SPA to keep it fresh. 

3. Exercise is fundamental to a model since it allows it to maintain the required physical state in the medium. In this aspect men are the ones that fail the most because they do not have a harmonious body and generate the figure of the great comic Jhonny Bravo. A male model should develop not only arms, chest, and abdomen. Back, Glutes, Legs, and calves are fundamental that are proportional to the rest of the figure. 

4. Self-confidence is the key to succeeding as a model, you will always see someone who has something that is either intellectual or personality that you are going to envy, but if you spend envy to others and do not trust your whole body, nobody believes In you as a model. If you have confidence problems seek advice from a professional in model schools or go to self-help books, the important thing is to believe in yourself. 

5. Charisma is the most powerful weapon for a model, a good smile and a good attitude can conquer customers, designers, journalists and everyone in their path. The fact that you succeed does not imply that you should lose your simplicity and kindness, Remember that as you go up and down and always with good energy will open doors. Public relations is fundamental. 

6. Innova, never appear on the catwalk or pose in a photo, in the same way, practice before a parade or a session, do not believe that doing what has always worked will continue to do, people get tired of the same. This also involves renewing your image, always give something fresh so that you are still in force. 

7. Know yourself; you must know what your defects and virtues are so that when you are doing a photographic work, you can tell the photographer which angles favor you. And which no or with what poses you feel safe, so that between Both of you can get the most out of the session and come out sparkling in the photos. 

8. Do not leave anything to chance, in a job find out everything that is required, never assume anything, equally be sincere about allergies, phobias, medication, effects of these and other things that may cause the photographic session Or the gateway may fail. 

9. Punctuality, this is the key both to make a good impression and to demonstrate your professionalism and seriousness. It is better to arrive early to an appointment than to be late since above all a delay can involve extra expenses to the organizers, and you will have to deal With a hostile environment. 

10. Get ready, before going to a job or casting models should be shaved or cut if necessary, the skin must be healthy which implies that it should have been cleaned in this, Which can not be done a day before and this present. Do not overdo or wear clothes or objects that leave a mark on the skin as they may affect the work to be done. Also, do not arrive with a different look than the one that went to the initial casting, that kind of surprises does not like. 

11. Right attitude, it is fundamental, nobody likes to work with someone who is complaining about everything or has delirium of the star. Modeling is not easy and most of the time is demanding, being a model is not easy and requires many sacrifices and discomforts. In a photographic session or a catwalk, it is done what the person responsible for it indicates, a model can suggest things but not impose. 

12. Always be professional, this shows that there is no small work, A catwalk is a catwalk either in a neighborhood school or Milan fashion week, this is equally true for model photos. All work must be done with height. Also, the more mediocre work can become a springboard for great jobs, every opportunity has to know how to take advantage. 

13. Beware and be respected, many models resort to tactics such as seduction and sex to get contracts, this works in the short term but then they are pointed and become dependent on this measure, and no one takes them seriously. 

Many for the eagerness to get fast money fall into proposals such as prepaid work, sex cams, Events of wet shirts among many others and this only makes denigrate as a person and in the medium or long term can lead to problems that are not solvable with money. They also come to accept jobs that do not pay them just. 

Remember that these steps added to having a good book and get ready in a good modeling academy will help you to be a successful model.

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