Do not seek the spring outside. Search it in your soul.
It is March and that means spring. Everything is coming back to life after a cold winter. As nature we also come back to life.
What could be more beautiful than to know that you are a happy and fulfilled person? What could be better than listening to your heart and desires? What could be nicer than to follow your dreams and live each day to the maximum intensity? Can you say that it is impossible? I will answer you that everything is in your hands. It is possible that you may might have heard this a thousand times, but how many times you really take into account what you want and you like? How many times have you ignored what is not important and you appreciate the true values? Tell me what is in your soul, and I will tell you how you feel, how happy you are and what you want to do next.
Do not seek happiness elsewhere. It is in you in the first place. Do not seek your dreams in other people’s wishes and desires, they are in your thoughts. Do not seek the spring outside. Search it in your soul. In your way of being. In your actions and gestures. In your words serenity and in your eyes search for it. You will find it much faster. You will keep it as long as you want. You will create a world of your own, full of light and life. One filled with butterflies and well being. You are your own spring. You have reason to be happy. You are beautiful. You are charming. You are unique. You love!

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