now sushi-me, now you don’t

After a long, cold day walking around the city, nothing sounds better than a huge plate of carbs. Okay, fine… some protein too would probably be good for me too. My favorite way to combine the two food groups is through sushi. Right off of the Metuchen Train Station is a small little place, Sushi Suzuki, that called my name.

The space is definitely small but there’s nothing small about their plates of food and flavor. I had to quickly take a picture before the plate was devoured. Now you see me…

sushi plate
Starting in the top, right corner and working clockwise…

Shrimp Tempura, Philadelphia, Peanut Avocado, Pink Lady, Cucumber Avocado, and Black Pepper Tuna. 

Shrimp tempura roll is filled with two big pieces of perfectly panko bread crusted shrimp. Cucumber surrounds the shrimp for a good, refreshing bite. I love how small the cucumber is chopped. It just tastes better than a chunk of cucumber. This roll is a classic but definitely not one to pass up.
Another classic is the Philadelphia roll. Suzuki does it right though. The ratio of smoked salmon to cream cheese is perfect. Neither is too overpowering. The fish and cucumber provide a slight bite while the cream cheese pulls all the flavors together.

The peanut avocado is filled with chunks of raw peanuts tossed with a little bit of honey and surrounded by fresh, creamy avocado. This roll is all about the balance of texture and flavor. It is crunchy, savory, smooth, and sweet.


The pink lady roll is a specialty roll here at Sushi Suzuki. Inside the rice and pink soy bean paper wrap is salmon tempura (Which means salmon is fried with panko bread crumbs). Accompanying the salmon is yellowtail tuna, avocado and tobiko. The roll is drizzled with spicy mayo and eel sauce. Sweet and spicy-yum.

A cucumber avocado roll is sort of a staple that I must have when I’m eating sushi. I call it the palette cleanser. When you want to separate all of the flavors from all the other rolls, you just take a bite of the cooling, water-filled cucumber avocado roll and your next bite is like your first bite all over again. I know that this is what the ginger is supposed to be for but I put ginger on them all because I like it so much so it doesn’t do anything for me in that respect.

Finally, the black pepper tuna roll. This is different take on your ordinary tuna roll. The fish is rolled with spicy black pepper which isn’t overpowering but definitely gives you a nice added flavor. How do you describe black pepper? Well, however you do, it’s like that.

Anyway, every time I come to this sushi place I’m never disappointed. Everything is ALWAYS fresh and I never leave feeling like I need to go buy the next size up pair of jeans- which is a plus…not plus size.
Now, I know this isn’t sushi but they also have some killer hibachi plates if you aren’t into all that raw stuff.
The plate is FILLED with food. So many good vegetables, shrimp, chicken, and noodles. Their hibachi dinners are also served with miso soup AND a salad. All for a really good price. So really, this place isn’t just for sushi lovers-all taste buds are welcomed here.
After about 20 minutes of digging into these plates–> they’re empty and I feel like I’ve done something right for myself.

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