Research has shown that around 15% of couples can’t conceive. That’s a hell of a lot of blanks being fired, and a hell of a lot of kids never seeing the light of day. And yet a lot of it is so unnecessary.
Because, whilst there are those of us who are naturally infertile, the most common reason guys fire blanks is that they’re just not nurturing their little buddies. They’re not developing them, making them stronger and faster.
At school, we were told never to wear tight-fitting underwear, for example. We were also told to take regular hot baths to keep our guys ticking over.
Whilst these are handy little tips and tricks, they’re certainly not the be all and end all. Let’s take a look at what else you can do to ensure that you don’t keep on firing more blanks than the territorials.

Flush Out The Defects

According to studies, a whopping 90% of our swimmers are defects that simply won’t be able to penetrate the eggs. In other words, they’re misfits. Deformities.
According to Harvard scientists, a solution to this problem is to eat food that is rich in lycopene, a particularly potent antioxidant. You can find this in tomato sauce, among other foods.

Add To Your Numbers

Did you know that when you squirt, you’re firing out around 15 million sperms? That’s a fucking lot, isn’t it? That’s like 15 million you’s.

Potentially. Kinda.

But it still isn’t enough. Sure, it’s a lot, but it’s no where near enough. To add a few more millions to your ranks, you could do a lot worse than work out. Harvard scientists say that those who regularly exercise fire out more sperm.

Get Off The Phone

This one is gonna shock you, but if you spend less time on your smartphone, your sperm will have increased mobility, and will therefore have a better chance of reaching the egg on time and making things happen.
It sounds bonkers, but according a Cleveland Clinic study, men who spend too much time on their phone have diminished sperm mobility.

Reconsider Your Lube

Sperm needs to stay alive, otherwise it just won’t be able to do its job.
Because, you know, once sperm is dead it tends to stay dead. There are no zombie sperms (thank god – ed).
Lube, though, can kill your sperm. For this reason, you need to carefully check which lubricant you’re using and make sure it’s procreation friendly.

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