5 Women’s Erogenous Zones Most Men Don’t Know

C’mon guys, up your love game!

Sadly, many men seem to think that women’s only erogenous zones are their breasts and genitals. Such is not the case, as you are about to see (and any women will gladly attest to). A woman’s body is, as John Mayer so lovingly put it, a ‘Wonderland.’ There is much to explore and much to discovered. The problem is, most men seem to think turning a woman on means touching her in the ‘mainstream zones.’ What I mean by this is, obviously, vagina, breasts, and buttocks. But in doing that, you are skipping some amazing areas that are likely to arouse a women more than such direct approaches. As soon as you realize gentle touches in the following areas will garner huge responses physically, you will become a zen master of the female body.


Oh, if you want to talk about a magic button most people (even women themselves) don’t know exists, let’s talk back of the knee. Keep in mind all the erogenous zones listed here are linked to other spots in the body. For some reason, the back (or inside) of a woman’s knee is a direct route to the nerve endings in the vagina. It’s like a direct highway to Shangri-La.
Keep in mind, you stick your fingers under a woman’s knee, it will seem strange as hell. But in the course of kissing and touching, the hand can move there slowly and you will BOTH be pleasantly surprised by the result.

The Ear

Listen, pop culture lied about this one. The ‘tongue in the ear’ thing is gross and turns exactly NO ONE on. BUT, the lobes are very sensitive and tend to trigger pheromone reactions in certain women when they are lightly touched or whispered into and caressed delicately.
Another smart thing to do is run your lips softly against her the outer rim of her ear. Not kissing it, not sucking it. Just letting it know you are there. Her goosebumps will tell you that you’re on the right track.


Yes, a lot of “behind the” spots on women seem to trigger something. A lot of this has to do with the fact that they are areas that never get touched and are even rarely exposed to air so they are hyper sensitive areas. Touch an area that never gets touched and you will get a reaction.
But it is pretty well known the nape of the neck is quite sensitive. Again, do not be somesloppy beast who licks a woman like she is a popsicle. The point here is to be delicate, to touch women in areas and ways they have never been touched.
If you’re the type of guy who paws at women, you shouldn’t even be reading this.

The Mons

This is the zone to beat all zones, but NO ONE knows what it is. The mons refers the area above the vagina where the pubic hair grows. Because of the hair follicles and nerve endings in each one, lightly caressing and kissing this area will send off fireworks inside her that even the neighbors will be able to hear.
Remember, as with most of these, being delicate is essential. Rubbing her pubic bone and grunting like an animal will do nothing for either of you.

Scalp and Hair

Oh men. Poor men. Why are women’s heads ignored? Most will tell you, a caress of the scalp, holding of the head and hair while kissing, running your fingers through your hair while in bed, all these things work wonders at tuning a woman’s body into the frequencies that all men seem to be on 100% of the time.
If you look over the list, you’ll realize. There is a common theme, which was mentioned a few entries back. These are parts of the female body that go all-too-often ignored. It’s the physical version of ‘how was your day?’ It is a simple gesture that can make all the difference when it comes to the end result. You wanna make love? Make her feel lovely. Yup, that simple.
You make all of her feel beautiful and appreciated and wanted, she will be putty in your hands. Just remember to use those hands for more caressing and less pawing and you’re on your way to being the stellar lover she deserves.

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