35 Tips for Living a Healthier Life

1. Cook your own food.
2. Avoid processed junk.
3. Eat breakfast.
4. Take your time when you eat.
5. Use a small plate.
6. Only buy real food: vegetables, fruits, breads, and raw meats.
7. Never eat fast food.
8. Try not to snack.
9. Drink more water.
10. Drink less alcohol.
11. Do some type of exercise every day, even for just a little.
12. Stretch.
13. Get a gym membership.
14. Lift weights.
15. Squats and oats.
16. Take care of your knees.
17. Get a full night’s sleep.
18. Stop drinking soda.
19. Always take the stairs.
20. Walk your dog.
21. Park in the back of the lot.
22. Shower regularly.
23. Floss daily.
24. Wear sunscreen.
25. Don’t smoke.
26. Practice safe sex.
27. Don’t text and drive.
28. Wear a seatbelt.
29. Wear a helmet when appropriate
30. Meditate.
31. Relax.
32. Don’t let life stress you out.
33. Invest in a good mattress.
34. Read plenty of books.
35. Exercise your brain.

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