35 Awesome & Harmless but Easy April Fools Pranks Ideas

April Fool’s Day is one of the best days of the year. On no other day are you “legally” allowed to play jokes and pranks on your friends, family and co-workers and have a built-in excuse. Here are 35 pranks you can play on people with very little effort, yet still reap much joy out of the end results.

Salty Toothpaste
Sprinkle some salt on your victim's toothbrush. When this person goes to brush their teeth, he or she will get a salty tasted treat.

Wax paper+nail polish+workaholic=awesome(: Take wax paper and some nail polish you don't use anymore, pour the nail polish onto the wax paper and wait till it hardens, peel it off and lay it on an important document, it looks like you spilled it everywhere(: Your workaholic parents will FREAK OUT.

Rubber band+kitchen spray nozzel+poor family member=funny(: Wrap a rubber band around the handle on your spray nozzel in the kitchen, wait till someone turns on the facet and it sprays in their face!

Seran Rap+toilet+dad=messy! Wrap clear sticky seran wrap around the toilet opening, TIGHTLY or it will have little ripples and he'll notice. When he pees, well, you know(: put a note on the toilet seat, april fools(;

Computer mouse+sticky note=aggravating: Take a sticky note and tape it under your mouse where the little light is, write April Fools on it and watch whoever gets on the computer, the cursor wont move(: 

put tape on the sink spray nozel. when your dad turns on the sink he will get sprayed.... i do that one every year :)

Koolaid+Shower head+red water=FUN! Take a packet of powder koolaid and unscrew the shower head, pack the powder into the shower head and watch as a person takes their shower, theyll get prayed with red water for awhile(:

Bathroom+gotta pee=annoyed(: Stay in the bathroom for a while, knowing your family member needs to go REAL bad, make sure the toilet paper is all used up and there no more in the cabinet, the person who runs in wont notice till its too late(:

Shower+no clothes=OH MY GOD! While someone takes a shower, get all their clothes, towels, rugs, and anything they can cover themselves with outta the bathroom. When they get out theyll be stuck for quite a while(:

Quarter+Pencil+skill=Hilarious. Take a quarter and practice getting it to roll along your forehead, over your nose, and to your chin. Color the quarter with the pencil after you have perfected it, take another quarter and challenge your sister or brother or friend, show them you can do it (with the clean quarter) and give them the colored quarter, thell attempt to do it and eventually get it right, when they do, congratulate them and walk away. Wait for him or her to find out he or she has a bunch of black pencil lines all over their face(:

Stuck In The Bathroom
Remove the bathroom door knob and put it back on the reverse way so the lock is on the outside. Then push the button or turn to lock the door. Remember to leave the door open. Now, whoever is next to use the bathroom, will not even notice this and he will lock himself inside.

Shower Before Entering
If you know someone who turns on the shower before actually entering the tub area. Then before their next shower, turn the shower-head so it faces outside the shower area. Most people don't even look up before turning the nozzle.

Shampoo Shower Prank
Glue a bottle of shampoo to the shower shelf (to avoid damage, use clear caulk on a surface that can be scraped).

Bar Of Soap Lather Prank
Take some nail polish and coat a bar of soap with it. Let it dry. Then put it in the bathroom shower. When your victim tries to use it, he or she will go nuts trying to get it to lather up.

Unable To Open
Glue all the bottles of shampoo shut so they cannot be opened.

Terrible Aim
Sprinkle some water with yellow food coloring all over the toilet seat and floor. It will look like whoever used the toilet before you was a terrible aimer.

Cream Cheese Deodorant
Scrape off about an inch or so of your victim's deodorant and replace it with cream cheese. It will take a few minutes to sculpt the cheese in place to look like the deodorant. When finished, put the lid back on and back where you found the deodorant. When your victim needs to freshen up again, he will get a cream cheese surprise

Food Coloring In Hand Soap Dispenser
Put some food coloring inside the hand soap dispenser. When your victim tries to wash his hands, they will end up worse than before he decided to wash them.

Urinate Forever
Impress a buddy who is in a room next to the bathroom. Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, but along the way get a large bucket with water and take it in with you. Then slowly pour it in the toilet. It will take forever to finish pouring it all in. Your buddy in the room next door will say, "WOW" as he will think you are taking a very very long pee.

So Forgetful
Tape some magnets to the bottom of a cup and the top of your car and drive away. It will look like you forgot to grab your cup off the top before driving off and people all around will try and get your attention and flag you down, while you just laugh and drive.

Cruelty To Animals
Attach a leash to the rear bumper of your victim's car. When he drives away, other cars driving behind him will think he forgot about his pet that he tied to the bumper.

Change Automobile Settings
While your victim is away from his car, go inside and turn stereo volume to max, turn windsheild wipers on, air conditioner to max, scoot seats all the way up and adjust mirrors.

Wrong Keys
Next time you are with a group of friends and two of your friends have the same type of car...for example both friends have a Volkswagon. Then chances are both Volkswagon keys will look identical. When both of your friends aren't looking...switch their keys.

Jack Up The Car
Jack up a persons car so the wheels are just barely off the ground, but not enough to be noticable.

Styrofoam Peanuts
Fill your victim's car with styrofoam peanuts then ask him to go to the store for you.

Bad Cop, No Donut!
You can usually find a bumper sticker at any Novelty Store that reads, "Bad Cop, No Donut!" If you can't find one, you can just make one yourself. Place it on your bumper and everytime you see a cop. Just drive in front of him. You might want to reduce your speed a bit to make sure he reads it.

Put a balloon over the hole of the victim's exhaust pipe. After he drives away...a few blocks later, he will hear a big POP!!

I Ran Over My Arm
Place a fake rubber or plastic arm under your tire after you park your car. Add a small puddle of fake blood. Then hide one of your arms. When people ask what happened, tell them the car brakes weren't working

Sorry About The Damage!
Leave a fake note on someone's car windsheild that reads, "Sorry about the damage i caused to your automobile. Call me and I will be more than happy to pay for the repair" Be sure not to leave a phone number...of course there is no real damage. But the victim doesn't know this. He or she will look all over for a dent or scratch or something. 

Move The Car
When your victim isn't paying attention. Get his keys and move his car. If he parked out in the street next to the curb. Then just turn the car around so it is now parked the wrong way.

Tire Blowout
Place a blown up balloon under your victim's tire. When he starts the car up and drives off, he will hear a loud POP!! and think the tire just blew out!

Fight+ketchup+sister=FREAK OUT! Challenge your sister to a fight, trip her or punch her or something and let her get your back, hide a glob of ketchup or red food coloring in your other hand and smear it on your self where she hit you while your on the ground away from her, shell freak out when she comes over.

Butter+clumsy=Laughable. Rub butter or margarine around the floor, leave a note somewhere nearby that says ''Ill clean it up'' and wait for someone to walk by, theyll read the note and walk forward, slipping on the butter and falling.

Car+little stickers=confused. Get those little sticky things for the windows, put a whole bunch of them all over your parents or your sisters car and watch as they try to remember how they got there.

If your a mischievous person, and your parents think you'll do something for April Fools day, buy them some flowers, chocolate, etc. and don't do anything. Just sit back and watch as your parents anticipate something. Its really funny

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