100 Romantic Dating Ideas & Fun First Dates Ideas

Are you looking for some romantic date ideas or fun things to do on a first date with your special someone?  There are few better ways to add some good old-fashioned romantic ideas to your relationship or marriage than taking your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend out on a thoughtful, fun date. Whether it’s your first date or you’ve been together for fifty years, an original, special romantic date will refresh your relationship and help you and your lover fall in love with each other all over again.

100 Fun Romantic Date Ideas & First Date Ideas

  1. A Date at Rickshaw! Nothing can give you this amazing feelings, trust me; give it a try. 
  2. Riding bike is perfect dating idea. Go for it.
  3. A Date at your sweet home  
  4. A date at your favorite coffee shop 
  5. A Date on the roof of your university. (the feelings will be awesome)
  6. A date at the local park 
  7. A romantic picnic date 
  8. A date to a baseball game 
  9. A romantic afternoon walk together (also walking makes your mind fresh) 
  10. A date to fly a kite together 
  11. A date at the beach on a sunny day 
  12. A putt-putt golf date 
  13. A horseback riding date 
  14. A canoing date 
  15. A date to a soccer game 
  16. A romantic camping trip date 
  17. A date to a classic car show 
  18. A date to the local spa to pamper each other 
  19. A date to the local zoo 
  20. A date running a marathon or jogging together 
  21. A date at a high-class cocktail lounge or restaurant 
  22. A date to test-drive new cars together 
  23. A date to a volleyball game 
  24. A date to learn to para-sail together 
  25. A date cooking a romantic meal together 
  26. A date to meet each other’s family members 
  27. A date at the local museum 
  28. A date to the county fair 
  29. A bird-watching date 
  30. A date to pick fruit together at a local orchard 
  31. A date to take your kids, nieces or nephews to the park 
  32. A roller-blading or rollerskating date 
  33. A date to a football game 
  34. A date to tour new homes together 
  35. A date to learn to scuba dive together 
  36. A date to carve pumpkins together for Halloween 
  37. A date to the local flea market 
  38. A date to ride a romantic ferris wheel together 
  39. A date to look at flowers at the local greenhouse 
  40. A date to watch a romantic DVD or video together at home 
  41. A date to go on a hiking trip together 
  42. A date to play a round at the local golf course
  43. A romantic dinner date at a four-star restaurant 
  44. A whitewater rafting date 
  45. A date to window shop at a nice shopping center 
  46. A date to go fishing together 
  47. A date to a basketball game 
  48. A date to a local art gallery 
  49. A date to color eggs together for Easter 
  50. A romantic tour of local historic places  
  51. A date to build a snowman together 
  52. A date at the first place you ever went out together 
  53. A date to a local air-show 
  54. A rock-climbing date 
  55. A date at the local mall arcade to play games together 
  56. A date to buy ice-cream on a hot day 
  57. A date to go to your local comedy club for some laughs 
  58. A date to pick wildflowers together 
  59. A date to tour local college campuses 
  60. A date to a hockey game 
  61. A date to an aquarium 
  62. A date to go boating together on a nice, clear day 
  63. A date to learn surfing together at the beach 
  64. A date to a play or a live stage show 
  65. The classic “dinner and a movie” date 
  66. A romantic afternoon sharing old pictures from your childhood 
  67. A date to the planetarium or science center 
  68. A date to a carnival 
  69. An afternoon sightseeing drive on a nice day 
  70. A date to a batting cage 
  71. A romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage 
  72. A date to your local bookstore 
  73. A date to the pet store to pick out a pet together 
  74. A date to a boxing match 
  75. A date to the gym to exercise together 
  76. A date to a karaoke bar for some singing 
  77. A date to build a sandcastle together at the beach 
  78. A date to wash your cars together 
  79. A date to the horse-racing track 
  80. A date to your local pool or swimming hole 
  81. A go-cart riding date 
  82. A date to a romantic movie 
  83. A date to go shopping for new clothes together 
  84. A date to a downtown nightclub or dance club 
  85. A date to walk your dogs together 
  86. A date to a stock car race 
  87. A date to go target shooting or a shooting range together 
  88. A date to read to each other at the park on a nice day 
  89. An overnight date at a nearby bed-and-breakfast 
  90. A date to a local antique shop 
  91. A romantic sledding date on a snowy day 
  92. A date to a wishing well to make wishes together 
  93. A date to a wrestling match 
  94. A date to a local winery 
  95. A date to go bungee jumping together 
  96. A date to a friend or family member’s wedding 
  97. A date to local garage sales to go treasure hunting 
  98. A hunting date 
  99. A date to go skydiving together 
  100. A date to listen to the symphony together 
  101. A romantic hot air balloon ride 
  102. A date to play Frisbee together at the park 
  103. A date to a local amusement park to ride roller coasters 
  104. A date to a rock concert 
  105. A date to the casino to learn a new game togethe

Find a cool idea by thinking yourself. Its your duty now. Enjoy.....

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