10 Most Romantic Small Towns In Italy

Ahh, Amore! There are many romantic, lovey-dovey destinations in the world, but Italy stands firmly at the top of the pyramid, drinking vino and laughing at the rest of us for working too hard. Italy is THE place to go to fall in love. Whether you are looking for a perfect sunset to share with your loved one, or a beautiful cobbled street where you can get down on one knee and propose to your soul mate, Italy is full of little hidden gems. So check out our list of Italy’s-most romantic small towns

Cinque Terre– The scenic coastline of these five little villages is one of the most romantic and breathtaking places in the world. It’s like it was made for lovers. The local vineyards, the sunset ferry rides, the locks of love with lovers’ initials on them, everything screams “Amore.”Our tip– Check out Vernazza Winexperiance where Alessandro will offer you a selection of local wine that you can sip with your better half while admiring the amazing scenery. Try to come around sunset to fully feel the love!

Siena – Italy’s loveliest medieval city, set in Tuscany. Piazza Il Campo will lift your soul, you can buy fresh bread and delicious wine at one of the small local shops. Climb  up the 500 steps leading to the head of Torre del Mangia tower, where you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Siena and its surroundings.Our tip– Head over to il Magnifico Bakery and ask for Lorenzo. He will let you munch on some sweets until you choose your favorite one.

Como – The city of Como is located on the lake’s southwestern tip and looks straight out of a movie set. Lake Como is renowned for its lavish reputation (hey, George Clooney lives here!). With a view to the glistening lake and the stone-paved streets leading up to the impressive Como Cathedral, Como is a must on your bucket list!Our tip– If you haven’t scored an invite to a private villa party, go have a cocktail at Fresco Cocktail Shop. Try the flora cocktail- it’s bubbly!

Assisi – This is where St. Francis of Assisi was born, patron saint of Italy and founder of the Franciscan order. Assisi is a small picturesque town, full of little churches and beautiful medieval streets. Don’t forget to visit the piece de resistance – Basilica di San Francesco, which dates back to the 13th Century. 
Our tip – Take a bike tour to see a little bit of Umbria! You will get a taste of the locals’ experience, ride the roads less traveled, and take in the wonderful views.

Positano – Steep houses tumbling down to the sea, sunny beaches, and a pebble beachfront. As the setting for many romantic movies filmed here, Positano is where you get down on one knee and propose. The sunset will paint the city in amazing peach, pink and terracotta colors while you two lovebirds celebrate the almost guaranteed “yes.”Our tip– Go to Spiaggia Del Fornillo beach where you can spoil yourselves with fresh fruit and local wine.

Lucca– This beautiful Tuscan town is protected by 16th Century walls which today serve as a pedestrian promenade. Take a  leisurely stroll down cobbled streets, or drink some local Lucchesi wine at one of the many charming cafes.Our tip – You must eat at Da Pasquale, one of the best restaurants in Luca. Pasquale will make you feel like family and you will eat the freshest and tastiest antipasti  you can imagine.

Bellagio, Lake Como– Few places are as romantic as Lake Como, and even fewer as magical as Bellagio. Bellagio is a charming little town set in a picture-perfect location. It’s historic and beautiful, with waterfront views and two gardens open to the public: Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melz.
Our tip – Take a leisurely walk in the gorgeous gardens, enjoy the vibrant colors and magnificent bloom, while soaking in the view of the lake.

Taormina – Sicily’s resort town is a charming summer destination. With mediaeval churches and a chic vibe, Taormina, which is located on a mountainside, offers stunning views. Don’t forget to visit the town’s ancient Greek theater, which was built in the 3rd Century BC and is now hosting concerts and live shows!Our tip – Visit Chiesa Madonna Della Rocca, a picturesque little church built into the mountain, which offers the best views in town. Bring comfy shoes because you have some stairs to climb!

Tropea – Located on a reef in Calabria, southwest Italy, Tropea is known for its many beautiful beaches and tiny cafes. According to an ancient legend, the town was founded by Hercules! Don’t miss the most impressive sight in town,  Santa Maria dell’Isola, a medieval church that sits on its own hilly island overlooking the ocean.Our tip – Try Tropea’s renowned signature sweet red onions which are used to produce a delicious onion marmalade, or even  ice cream!

San Gimignano – A small village in the heart of Italy’s wine country, with quaint streets, ancient towers and tiny restaurants, this is the Italy we see in postcards. Eat some homemade pasta, drink a craft of red wine, and don’t forget to whisper to your love “la vita e piu dolce con te” (yup, that’s Italian for “life is sweeter with you!”).Our tip– If you can only do one thing in Italy, run over to Gelateria Dondoli, named “the best ice cream in the world.” It is. Don’t ask questions, just go. 

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