What Can We Learn from the Japanese Style Sense?

We all seen a few pictures of people walking down on streets in Japan, and we do sometimes get pretty amazed how stylish and yet so unique they look. In Japan, style is all about being different and standing out, and this is why we have so much to learn from their style sense as well.
So, if you want to be unique, stylish and embrace your style and personality a lot more — check these few things we can learn from fashionable people of the Rising Sun country and incorporate that into your daily life. Along with these tips, you will never miss the shot of being in style!

Wear brands clothing but the minimum the better

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Since Japanese want to stand out more than anything, they tend to stay away from mass produced brand clothing. But they are not saying that you should keep away from that at all! What you need to do instead is to buy only the core and essential items that can be mixed and matched with other unique ones perfectly. So such classical elements like black pants or navy blazers are totally okay and acceptable.
Moreover, you can always find some pretty unique pieces even at worldly famous brands too. For example, at Ralph Lauren stores we can surely find something fun and unique. So check that store for the start (don’t forget to use some Ralph Lauren deals and coupons) and discover your style!

Layers and layers after layers

Well, one of the first things that can be quite easily noticed on Japanese streets is that people do love layering. For them, it is quite unusual to wear only one layer of clothing, even if that is summer.
So if you want to take the best out of Japanese style — start layering your outfits. You are totally welcome to do that in many various types too! Match a dress with something like a cardigan sweater, or a vest on top. Also, don’t be afraid to put together a complete outfit by adding something like a fedora and a light-weight jacket for a more relaxed casual look. Just layer!

Break the rules

Another fashion tip that Japanese can give you is to break the rules of fashion and better create your own unique style! Forget about matching colours, fabrics or styles.
Dress whatever you like. If you feel that fusion colored button-down jean shirt will work perfect with a tailored jacket — what the h*ll — dress like that! The essential tip here would be finding your unique style while experimenting. So if you are brave enough and want to be a step closer to fashionistas in Japan start breaking the rules!

Pick one primary element

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For more put together look, choose one central element of your outfit and accentuate it. It can also be whatever you wish or feel like. A colour, a cut, or a jacket. Anything goes!
For example, you can find many people in Tokyo wearing all black outfits, but with a little peak of red in shoelaces or belts. Or it can be all of one colour with one piece of the outfit in entirely different one. The accent piece can be absolutely everything you wish for, but in Japan guys and gals tend to choose one from the following: scarves, fedoras, ties, pointy shoes, loafers, boots or converse. So just pick one element and make it be a star of your outfit for a day!

Overdress rather than under-dress

For the end, Japanese fashionistas tend to overdress themselves rather than be under-dress. In fact, overdressing in this country is one of the most organic and standard ways of standing out, and you can use that at your hometown too. Guys, don’t be afraid to pull a business suit on casual days, or get a blazer then going out.
For ladies, little black dresses or sparkly outfit elements is also acceptable. It will create a very sophisticated look and make you look very stylish. So if you want to start thinking like a Japanese fellow, you need to take more time and dress pretty and fancy!

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