What are the basics of applying make-up?

The first thing to remember is to apply all the moisturizers before you apply make up. So, first thing's first, apply a thin moisturizer that way your foundation and primer will go on easier. (Have you ever tried to apply foundation to a dry face? Not easy and not pretty at all.) Next, apply a primer with a sunscreen, even in the winter. The primer helps the make up last longer in the day and protects your skin from the foundation. Next, you put on the foundation and then the concealer.

 Applying Basic Makeup makes you Beauty

Depending on the look you want to achieve, the base always starts with a clean face followed by moisturizer. If you're using BB cream, you can skip that. There are also moisturizers enriched with SPF so you can skip the sunscreen if you like. What I did before was apply my sunblock before my foundation. For summer, don't put on too much because sweat and dirt can block pores. Try a water-based lightweight moisturizer, liquid foundation, then dust a bit of loose powder to help set your look. For winter, choose special moisturizers with triple hydration plus liquid foundation. Because skin tends to be dry during this season, you can skip the powder and simply go for a highlighter or bronzer. Dust on your cheeks and a bit on the forehead to catch the light and achieve a dewy glow.

This is what I normally do,  Here is my very own and personal opinion on Basic Makeup

  • If you have any topical medications be sure to apply these to freshly cleansed skin before anything else
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen (or simply use a moisturizer that has sun protection in it)
  • Let all of that soak in for a bit, then use a primer
  • Foundation + concealer
  • Powder to set #5
  • Eye-shadow (optional, but for long-wearing, be sure to use an eye primer)
  • Liner (optional)
  • Mascara
  • Fill in brows (optional)
  • Bronzer/contour
  • Blush (sometimes I skip)
  • Highlighter and blend overall cheek area (optional)
  • Lip gloss, or lipstick (sometimes I skip and use a balm)

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