Valentine's Nail Art Design

Valentine's Nail Art Design

It’s valentine amorously all over around therefore why not have some pretty spark to your nails. these days we'll be creating nail art style that is very dedicated to the private occasion of valentine. we are posting this tutorial to inform you step by step on creating this nail art perfectly. 

Step 1:- in the start you would like to draw a wavy within the middle of the nail using some sparkle color.

Step 2:- Apply the color two or three times repetitively to create it more smooth and plain.

Step 3:- Presently on the one facet of the wavy line apply the palette paint color using the comb.

Step 4:- On the other side you would like to drop the white and red color dots comparatively nearer.

Step 5:- currently swirl the dot to combine along and make a lot of advanced pattern.

Step 6:- currently leave it because it is for a few to get attempt.

Step 7:- So in this step to complete process get some ready made stickers and stick on to your nails.

Step 8:- within the finish apply the highest coat to secure the nail art.

Top coat are going to be securing your nail art to finish longer and additionally it'll get the extra bright spark therefore it doesn’t appearance faded.

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