Top Beauty Tips You’ve Never Heard of From Around the World


Think you’ve tried everything? Think again. The CattyWife community comes from all ends of the earth – so we thought, who better to tell us what beautiful women use in far flung corners?

Listen & learn:

1.  Seeds from under a plant called yucca, in the Navajo culture women washed thier hair with it. Rich in Vitamins and minerals, plus helps with hair growth. Long hair is sacred symbol to the Navajo culture

2.  I don’t know if this is a cultural thing, but my Sicilian grandmother swore by Oil of Olay. Well, it’s just Olay now, but she used it every day, and her skin always looked beautiful.

3.  After brushing your teeth. Gently brush your lips too. Great for an exfoliation. Free!! Lol. It makes your lips super soft. And your lipstick n gloss glides on so smoothly.

4.  I’m Puerto Rican so we inherited a lot from everywhere … coconut oil on the skin, avocado, mayonnaise or olive oil for the hair, garlic oil for strong nails and fish oil for all around health

5.  I use sugar to exfoliate my body in the shower once a week, use lotion immediately after. Use the inside of a banana peel, then rub that on my teeth to use as teeth whitener.

6.  East Indian – Turmeric for face (lighten skin, exfoliate and slow down any facial hair growth); coconut or amla oil for hair strength volume and shine

7.  I use tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar as an astringent. My skin in so clear! I also use an egg mixed with apple cider vinegar after I dye my hair. Makes it very shiny and helps the color to last longer seeing I use manic panic.

8.  Shea butter and coconut oil for my skin. And beer for my hair once a week.

9.  My mum use to clean her face with calamasi (small version of lime in our country) wash it off with water then apply egg white to her face for at least 30 mins to an hour then washed if off with cold water or ice. She 68 now but many people mistaken her like late 40s or early 50s.

10.  Almond oil for hair. Leave overnight. Hair is so silky and grows quicker

11.  Extra virgin olive oil in almost everything : face , hands , hair …

12.  Warm Green Tea bags under my eyes for 3 minutes every Morning to remove dark circles

Now if you want to get inspired to see what great skin, eyes & hair look like, here you go:

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