Three Shades Of Eyeshadow It’s As Easy As One To Apply

Three Shades Of Eyeshadow
Three shades of eyeshadow will give you a variety of makeup looks. Once you’ve mastered the one color eyeshadow look it’s fun to improve your skills and learn techniques that will help you get more from your eye makeup products. This makeup tutorial presents easy makeup tips to make three colors work beautifully for you.

Neutral Eyeshadow Colors

The basic eyeshadow colors you need when you want to learn how to apply three shades of eyeshadow are a light, medium, and dark color. The easiest way to get these colors to coordinate with each other is to choose an eyeshadow palette in a neutral color like this one from Almay Cosmetics. Using one of the best eyeshadow palettes makes it easier. Then, when you’ve got the technique down you’ll be able to use any eye makeup color with ease.

Applying Eyeshadow Colors

Once you have your eyeshadow palette, select an angled eye shadow brush to apply your makeup with. There’s a good example of what this brush looks like on the how to put on eyeshadow page. We’re going to use the same brush for learning how to apply three shades of eyeshadow. Yes, you can use the same brush for this tutorial on all the colors. You’ll just use different parts of the brush.

Light Eyeshadow Color: Light eyeshadow color goes on the prominent parts of your eye.

1. Take your brush and swipe the flat part of your brush on the eyeshadow.

2. Place the flat part of the brush to your lid and swipe on the color.

3. The color will go on your eyelid and under your eyebrow bone as a highlight.

Medium Eyeshadow Color: Medium shadow color is a crease color. This is also the color that seems to give women the most problem.

1. The way to get it right is to take your same brush, but rather than swipe the entire brush into medium color just swipe the very tip of the brush and the sides of the brush.

2. Take the tip of the brush and run it along the crease of your eyelid and slightly beyond the outer corner of your eye moving out and upward.

Dark Eyeshadow Color: When you’re learning how to apply three shades of eyeshadow, think of the dark eye shadow color as the accent color. This is the color that you will use to line your eyes with and add extra depth with.

1. Set down your slanted eyeshadow brush and pick up your flat edge eyeliner brush.

2. Take the tip of the brush and pick up the eyeshadow by dabbing it on the tip.

3. Apply the dark eyeshadow color close to your lash line using the directions on how to apply 
 eyeliner page. It’s the easy models method and it works for everyone.

Putting on eyeshadow is easier than it’s ever been before. If you use an eyeshadow palette from one of the major companies, take your time and practice a few professional makeup artist tips you’ll be well on your way to creating any makeup style you choose.

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