The secret to succulent red lips

Berry red lips makeup very trendy and attractive. But it is not easy to do! Here are five tips for lips feminine charm.
1. Skin Care and cleaning 

Even before you think about the makeup lips, you need to learn how to care for them. Red cracked lips, how it will!
So, remember to moisturize your lips throughout the day. Use lip balm, or simply a cream for dry skin. 

If you have too much moisture, but the dead skin on the lips, sometimes you can apply the special bleaching. But the daily moisturizer is a general rule to have beautiful lips. 

2. A lip pencil guys 

Make a little like red lips are back in kindergarten: apply the basic rules of the paint color. 
So, who use lip pencil to draw the contour of the lips. Next, inside the red lips.
Be careful to choose the pencil of the same color like red lips and always trim available. After the lead guys, do it gently with the first dim your fingers to mix it easier for the rest of the makeup 

3. Toothbrush
Instead of lipstick tree paint directly on the lips, use a soft brush. 

Why? So you can easily customize, more accurate than it will help you better make up your lips. 

4. A handkerchief

 Always available on hand towels or cotton. When you have finished lipstick, lip sucking gently on a handkerchief.A simple gesture but it is necessary to remove the excess of lip color ... and avoid leaving traces of makeup on the cheeks of those who will kiss you! 

5. Of lip gloss 

 Priority issues: some people like very bright red, others like a little ball. If you fall into the second category, use a little lip gloss on the lower lip.

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