Sun Flower Nail Art Design Step By Step

This summer I am introducing you the nail art which is named as Sunflower Nail Art. This nail art design look very beautiful and awesome as it have sunflower and it is a summer design. This nail art will be completed in a few mints as its very simple and have only a few steps. you can draw sunflowers easily as shown in pictures bellow. You should not have much experience to complete this design. Any one who is beginner can make this nail art design easily. So do you ready to have a sunflower look. So what are you waiting for lets start and see the steps bellow. It will be much better if you have same color outfits as you are going to draw in your nail art.

The things you should have are yellow , brown and black color polish. Dotting adn Top coat tools.
Step 1:- Apply black color nail polish as base.
Step 2:- Using yellow color nail polish make flower as shown in pictures.
Step 3:- After completing above two steps apply a circle with brown color.
Step 4:- Make some dots that looks likes seeds.
Step 5:- If you have time you can make sunflowers on all nails else you can make it on a single nail.

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