Step-by-Step Makeup Tips For Mesmerizing Eyes - Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup is one of the easiest fantasy makeup looks to create – it just looks hard. While there are some very intricate designs, there are also some that you can do in just minutes. That means they’re perfect for beginners as well as those that want to dress up for a wild evening of fun. Check out which makeup tips will work for the feline look you want to create!

cat eye makeup look

Here’s the easiest way to get a powerful look quickly

There are a few eye makeup tips that can help you get off to a good start that I’d like to share with you. When you see dramatic eye makeup looks remember that they’ve been created especially for a photo. Basically, it’s perfect makeup and the model has had her look evaluated and polished by a professional makeup artist. Give yourself an opportunity to try out a design and realize that as you practice you’ll become more skilled in creating fantasy eye makeup designs.

    • Choose contrasting colors – Limit your makeup palette and work with neutral colors first.. Two colors are all it takes to begin with. Once you create your first design, then add new colors.

    • Use a gel or liquid eyeliner in black or brown – The brush should have a very fine tip. If you’ve never lined your eyes before, then check out the eyeliner tutorial to learn how to put on eyeliner first.

  • Go wild on paper. Take a face chart and pencil in a design using colored pencils. Even water colors work. Put a copy in your makeup notebook to refer back to.

Once you’ve decided on a design, pull the eye makeup colors you’ll use from your collection. Now, you’re set to get started.

How To Do Cat Eye Makeup In 10 Steps

cat eye makeup up close
Use this photo as reference.

These steps will get you started. First, you’ll prep the eye area and then you’ll start applying colors. Once the colors have been applied, you’ll finish off your design with the liquid eyeliner.

1. Make sure that you’ve cleansed your eyelids to remove any old makeup and excess oil from your eyelids.

2. Use eye drops if you need them to give your eyes a clear bright look.

3. Prep the area with an eye makeup primer in either a light beige, ivory or white.

5. Apply one bright color like a yellow, gold or light bronze to the entire eyelid area.

6. If you want to use a second color then use it in the crease area, but remember to apply it lightly and only suggestive of a shadow.

7. Now apply the same color below your eyes. You should have the color completely surrounding your eyes, that means the area closet to your nose also.

8. Take your eyeliner product and do a thin line from the inner eye area next to your nose and extend it all the way to the outer corner.

Important: Don’t extend too far at the outer corner, because you’re going to do a series of spots (dots) in that area rather than a fishtail eye line.

9. Now, take your eyeliner and do a a triangle of spots extending the end all the way up to your eyebrows on the upper lid.

10. On the undereye area only, apply the spots from the center of your eyes outward.

Now just top off your look with black mascara. You can do a little or a lot.

Isn’t it amazing how a few simple makeup tips can give you a professional cat eye makeup look? Now, that you’ve got the easiest of techniques down, change up your makeup. Try different colors and patterns of spots. You’ll have “purrrfect makeup” in no time!

Stay Beautiful as Catty!!

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