Remedies for Naturally Soft & Pink Lips

Pink Lips
A soft and pink lip is one of the most desirable factors for most human beings. But, often our beautiful lips tend to lose their beauty and become rough and dark. There are lots of reasons that cause darkening of lips. So, if you are also a victim of lips that have darkened and want to know how to get pink lips then you are just at the right place, as here we will be discussing some of the best home based remedies for combating dark lips and also talk about precautionary measures that will help you to avoid this problem.

  1. If you want to make your lips red and attractive then you can put some almond in milk and leave it overnight. The next day grind this almond with the milk and make a thick paste. Apply this thick paste on your lips. It is quite effective in getting back your beautiful red lips
  2. Lemon is considered to be very effective for lips, as it has got its bleaching effect so you can easily get back your beautiful pink lips with the help of lemon. Take powdered sugar in a bowl and add lemon into it and mix it properly and apply this mixture on your lips. It will act as a bleaching agent and lighten the dark spots on your lips.
  3. Clarified butter is also very good for lips. Butter will make your lips soft and erase the dark spots too.
  4. Try to avoid your lips from getting dried up. Always try to moisturize your lips with a good brand of petroleum jelly as this will not only make your lips soft and supple but will help you to regain its original colour.
  5. To begin with, take a bowl and add cold milk then add turmeric powder into it and mix it properly. After mixing it properly you just need to apply this paste on your lips and leave it on for at least five minutes. After five minutes just wash off your lips with cold water. This remedy will lighten the dark spots on the lips and will make it soft and pink.
  6. You can avoid dark lips by applying the juice of cucumber or raw potato. You can even apply smashed potatoes or cucumber on your lips.

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