Overview of Fordyce Spots On Lips

Fordyce Spots On Lips 
When I started writing this blog, I want it to be like a diary, record the main em when I'm trying to remove Fordyce spots, I did and this blog was the diary of my own, I am surprised to see more people come to know my blog from google search, I realized Fordyce spots on lips is not my own problems, but there are many out there who are faced with it and then I decided to do my own diary becomes more cycle adjustment, so that I can share insights myself about Fordyce spots on lips to everyone. Those who are having problems with it as I previously.

Personally I'm a man with Fordyce spots on lips, they're really made ​​me sorrow and hesitant face contact with people, it makes me feel confident down, slobbering sounds like, because I was a man. But if you are here, it means that you are going through a similar phase I went through. You want to know what are Fordyce spots on lips, why do I get them, how to treat fordyce spots, prevent, or remove Fordyce spots on lips, but you do not want to spend to much time on a tiny blog, I have received feedback such as they try to get information on this blog, or complain that there are many duplicate information relative repeated many times, I'm sorry about that, here I will say briefly what to know Fordyce spots on the lips.

What are fordyce spots on lips?

- They are the result of excessive activity of the sebaceous glands under the skin. (sebaceous glands produce sebum to help prevent chapped skin and dry skin.)- It is the specks appear on the lips, usually colored white, yellow-white, they are red spots on lips.
- They can appear very little or linked into thick clouds.- They can occur in both the upper lip and lower lip (Fordyce spots are more common in reproductive organs)- They are very popular among men is 90% of the population, women are 50% of the population, Fordyce spots appear sparse, they received little attention and concern.- They are harmless for human health- Fordyce spots are not itchy, if itching is your problem, or fordyce spots on lips is hurt, see your doctor immediately.
- Fordyce spots are not infections from one person to another.- Fordyce spots are not the expression of any pathological- Fordyce spots on lips is not the result of oral sex- Fordyce spots on lips appear just when you were born, but you can not see them until you enter pubertyThe sebaceous glands overactive making them visible to the naked eye.- They occur in people with active sebaceous glands, and very strong (producing excess sebum).

Why do you get Fordyce spots on lips?

- Laser therapy with CO2 vapor quickly result in removal Fordyce spots.- Patience can be applied to the lips of lemon juice 2 times a day for 3 weeks, or acidic fruits (the fruits are sour), you can also use apple cider vinegar for Fordyce spots on lips. Fordyce spots remission and they will gradually disappear. Fordyce spots on lips overview the end.

How to treat fordyce spots on lips?

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