Makeup Tutorial: How To Apply Cream and Gel Blushes

Over the last few months, I found myself reaching for my cream and gel blushes instead of powder. Why? Because cream and gel formulas are not only great for creating a dewy look, they are also super easy to apply! So here are a few tips on how to apply cream and gel blushes, including a brief tutorial.

Cream and gel blushes

How To Apply Cream and Gel Blushes

Start with freshly moisturized skin or a liquid base. Taking minimal amount, apply the product onto cheeks. Next, using a brush or sponge, buff upwards and out. You can also use your fingers but remember to blend in a patting motion to avoid rubbing off the product. Blend and blend until you do not see any harsh edges. If you require more coverage, go back and add more.

How To Apply Cream and Gel BlushesBlending cream blush on the cheeksBuffing out cream blush on the cheeks

A Few More Things

* Cream and gel blushes work best on those with normal to dry skin. Those with oily skin are better off with powder formulas.
* For a flushed-within look, apply a heavier layer over bare skin then add foundation on top.

* Applied too much? Do not use powder on top (you will risk looking cakey). Instead, tone down the color by dabbing a clean sponge over the area.

Products I Have Tried and Loved

* Make Up For Ever Flash Color
* NARS Multiple
* Stila Convertible Color
* MAC Cremeblend Blush

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