Makeup mistakes every Indian girl makes

Makeup mistakes every Indian girl makes
I don’t know when it is that we suddenly become adults. I wish I did, so that I could rewind back to before that moment and freeze time. Like, all I want right now is to be pampered by my mommy who brings me yummy chicken soup at regular intervals as I stuff my nose with handkerchiefs and then  makes delightful conversation with me about what to wear this winter . Instead, I have a maid who cant wait to rush out of the house, a husband who as amazing as he is , is not my mommy, and instead of delish chicken soup, I have microwaved green tea. As for delightful conversation, all I’m hearing are grunts made by this male creature as he watches football Ugh , Growing up sucks . Like seriously!

Anyway, since I am bedridden I thought what better way to use my time than to write and this time its about makeup mistakes that I myself have made in the past. (FYI- lots of wedding action happened last 15 days – you may have caught some action on my Snapchat and Insta. Updates soon.)

1. Not matching the tone of blush to your lipstick : It’s the only makeup rule I follow religiously. Peach lipstick – peach or neutral blush, red lipstick-  blush with a berry undertonetone and orange lipstick- peach blush. It prevents your makeup from looking hotch potch and ‘ too much’

2. Lining wayy too much kajal: I know Indian girls love their kohl pencils, but a really harsh black line on your lower lash line I don’t really think suits too many people.  Instead, softly smudging dark shadow, or using a softer line to make it look more natural might be a better way. Plus, how hard is it to remove that kohl  once you put bucket loads of it on !

3. Not applying foundation on your eyelids and inner corner of eye areas: Im guilty of this girlies, I somehow forget that I have eyelids while applying foundations, and then the broken capilleries make them look red and wierd.

4. Thinking Shine is bad : Alright, so I get that you don’t want to look oily. But a bit of shine on the cheeks isn’t bad , its actually nice and slightly glowy. We have this tendency as a nation to think matte is great, I personally don’t like matte skin. Natural skin is not matte, its dewy and makeup should mirror natural skin.

5. Not paying enough attention to brows: Brows maketh a face people and making them super duper thin is not the answer. “Eyebrows karvana” is not about like making them thin and puny, its just about using the natural shape to define and clean and frame your face.

6. Perpetual Panda eyes because of kohl not removed properly : So many girls look like they have dark circles, but they really don’t in real life. All they have is remnants of kohl worn the previous night and it almost becomes a permanent part of your face ya know?

7. There is such a thing as too much lipstick : There is and I have been there done that. Layered one color over another color and another color only to find that the creaminess gets so much that the lipstick starts to feather and bleed or , just creases and gets gloopy on the lips.

8. Applying a foundation with the wrong brush: You can get dramatically different results with the same foundation jus if you switch up the type of brush. Eg: The Bobbi Brown Intensicve SKin Serum Foundation – apply it with a kabuki and NOTHING happens. You feel its useless. With a flat brush its a totally different story.

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