Makeup For Green Eyes Create Amazing Color Contrast

Makeup For Green Eyes
Makeup for green eyes can make your enchanting emerald peepers look totally enthralling. When choosing which eyeshadow color is right for you, think of all the amazing contrasts you see in Mother Nature that would look great for wearing on your lids – like rich foliage with brown earth colors, or the colors of succulent fruits in reds and purples. Here are eyeshadow makeup tips for creating looks that are smashing!

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Romantic Makeup Tips

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Makeup for green eyes with warm undertones in soft pink, peach and apricot are natural complements to the color green and so would look great with any shade of green eyes. They’re also great if you want to create a sweet, romantic makeup look.

For more depth blend the soft, light pink with a darker peach or apricot on the outer lids, then highlight lightly with a shimmery bronze.

If you want to add more intensity to your look, yet keep it understated then use khaki, bronze or even a hint of mauve. Pair it with beige and cream colors to keep it light and cool. You want to use colors like the ones in these two makeup palettes:

Clinique Color Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Sunburst – The two colors in this duo, golden beige and pinkish peach work well together for understated elegance. These colors are breathtaking and you’ll reach for them time and again for creating summer makeup looks, too. $17.50 at
Clinique Color Surge Duo Sunburst
Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad in Teddy Bear – The four concentrated neutrals in this quad – a warm ivory, a golden brownish beige, a chocolate taupe and a deep brown – apply smoothly and can last all day long. These can also be easily blended for either a subtle look or more drama. $25.00 at

Smoky Makeup For Green Eyes

makeup for green eyes smokyYes, you can wear a smoky eye makeup look! Green-eyed beauties can look fiercely fabulous by going with a deep color, one which is even darker than your own natural color.

Deep forest colors will enhance the natural shade of your own eyes without overpowering it. You can blend it with dark charcoal gray for an excellent smokey-eyed look, then highlight with metallic copper bronzer or highlighter for more effect.

Or, make them pop with a touch of yellow to pick up the flecks of you have in your iris. Here are two options to add mystery to your look:
Mac Eyeshadow in Greensmoke
       – It’s a gray green color that works well for doing smokey makeup for green eyes. Use it on your eyelids and the crease area. Then top it off by applying eyeliner and lash lengthening mascara. It’s an easy way to create a compelling smoldering look in just minutes. $14.50 at
Urban Decay Urban Ammo Eye Palette – Ten amazing colors for achieving a variety of looks. There’s everything you need to do a deep smokey look as well as creating the above romantic look. The colors are rich, intense and shimmer in the moonlight. $36 at

Urban Decay Urban Ammo Palette Colors

Party Makeup For Green Eyes

There’s a time for really going wild with party makeup. When you’re looking for eyeshadow colors that will give a glint to your greens look to bright colors. Green-eyed belles can get away with wearing eyeshadow colors in bright yellow or orange because the colors can make your eyes appear more radiant. You can also go wild with a mermaid look by pairing blue green and creamy white together. 

Makeup for green eyes can be really breathtaking, especially when the expressive tints of your particular eye color are enhanced with beautiful eyeshadow. Take a close look at all these different shades right online and you’re sure to find colors which will bring out the enchanting emerald in you!

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