Makeup For Brown Eyes Fantastic Color Options

Makeup For Brown Eyes
Makeup for brown eyes offers exceptional color choices to make your eyes really stand out. There are eyeshadows which can be used to brighten your eyes and give them that little extra sparkle. You can use colors that give them a subtle glow for daytime or go all out and create maximum depth for evening. You have color options galore. Read these makeup tips and find out how to go from subtle to sensuous to sensational just by applying the right eyeshadow colors.

makeup for brown eyes

Understated Makeup For Brown Eyes

One of the favorite makeup tips that professional makeup artists use to make beautiful brown eyes stand out is to use an eyeshadow with subtle shimmer and tint of champagne color. It provides contrast so that your eyes really pop out. At the same times it’s neutral which makes it perfect for everyday wear.
When used in combination with dark eyeliner and mascara, the champagne color contrasts more sharply with the lines to create a more dramatic look. You’ll want to try these:

Bobbi Brown’s Metallic Eye Shadow in Champagne Quartz –This is a pinkish kind of champagne that has a lot of shimmer. It is also very easy to blend and stays on for a long time for maximum appeal. It’s $20. Find it at

Du Wop Eyes Eyeshadow Set in Rose has a nice color that works well, too. Check it out below.
Estee Lauder Double Wear in Pink Blush is a creme eyeshadow that stays in place. $17.50.

How To Create A Versatile Look

Makeup for brown eyes can easily move beyond neutral. Eyeshadow colors in pink and plum create a striking contrast to brown eyes. It’s like mauve makeup – it’s perfect, but it contains more tint that works for your eye color. The warm hues in pink and plum also make brown eyes even more radiant. There are 3 makeup tips you can use right away to make these eyeshadow shades work for you:
Makeup Tip 1. Go wild and playful by using eyeshadow colors in neon or bright pink.
Makeup Tip 2. For a more subdue tone, use lighter shades of mauve.
Makeup Tip 3. Dark plums purples can be used to create smokey eyes and elegant-looking lids.

If you want to experiment with the different shades of purple and pink, an eyeshadow palette like the one above is a great choice. You can use the Du Wop Eyes eyeshadow sets in either Rose or Violet. Each palette set consists of five colors – three powder shades of the same color, a metallic shade for highlight and a matching cream liner. This way you can try out different variations of plum or pink depending on your mood or the occasion. For $32 you’ll be able to mix and match your makeup. Find it at

Striking Makeup For Brown Eyes

green eyeshadow for brown eye
If you love green then you’re in luck! Khaki green or forest green eyeshadow work perfectly with brown eyes. Mother Nature attests to the wonderful combination that is brown and green – just think of succulent palm trees.

Makeup artists love to use green eyeshadow to liven up brown eyes and give it a hint of playfulness. You can have your pick between earthy greens for a more subdued look and bright, neon greens for a more wild makeup look. This is also a favorite for doing fantasy makeup looks like fairy makeup.
More adventurous souls can try Scott Barnes Eye Ice in Goddess. Developed by the makeup guru Scott Barnes, it’s a shimmery loose powder eye shadow that comes in a jar with a brush applicator. It’s also ultra fine and silky so that blending and smoothing it on is a breeze.
You can even go all out with dramatic eye makeup tips for bold, beautiful and slightly wicked eyes.

Blue Eyeshadow Makeup For Brown Eyes

blue eyeshadow for brown eyes
To create a cool gaze pick a blue eyeshadow. It works for most eye colors and brown eyes are no exception. These makeup tips explain why: Blue eyeshadow, more so bright blues, creates a stark contrast to the neutral brown of the eyes. It can make the eyes more radiant while also giving it a cool, relaxing glow. It is best to choose darker blue eyeshadow for darker-brown colored eyes. For a more playful look, opt for aquamarine or neon blues. Ready to try one?

A must-have for blue eyeshadow is Urban Decay’s Deluxe Eyeshadow in Electric Blue. It’s a really intense shade of blue eyeshadow powder that can be blended to create subtle to smokey eyes. It’s very, very smooth on the eyes and feels light and velvety on skin. $18
Even if brown is the most common eye color in the world, a whole plethora of shadows to use as makeup for brown eyes are at your disposal to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Just remember this makeup tip – the right eyeshadow can spell the difference between boring brown to captivating chocolate. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different eyeshadow colors until you come up with that shade that is just perfect for you.

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