Luxury Shapewear~ Vera Vasi

From luxury leggings to waist slimming shorts, Vera Vasi has full body shaping capabilities. The Vera Vasi signature material not only maximizes comfort and breathability but also delivers a level of body tightening, shaping and support unmatched by any other product on the market. Fashion starts with a firm foundation–Vera Vasi offers the best in luxury shaping, slimming and supportive garments.  Scientifically-backed and bombshell-approved, Vera Vasi’s asset-enhancing line is for every woman wanting to look and feels her absolute best. Some of our most popular and featured items include the Strut LegXurious Leggings, the Contour Couture Bikini and Thigh Shapers, and all of our VerAmor Complete Bodysuits!
  • It’s Slimming...oh my goodness it made look so much smaller, I didn’t even recognize myself.  I wore it to work one day and my co- workers were very amazed.  One even went out and bought one because she had a winter dance to go to and wanted to look her best. Vera Vasi will shrink you as much as a full dress size instantly. Body scans prove Vera Vasi slims twice as much as the leading shapewear lines.
  • It’s Comfortable…YES!  I forgot I was even wearing one.  It moved with my body and never felt tight or restricting. It is made with leading textile engineers and fabric designers to develop a proprietary material that boasts the ideal balance of lightness and definition support to beautifully slim and smooth the female form.
  • It’s Cool…I didn’t sweat or had any material issues at all. The signature three-dimensional knit pulls moisture away from the body and allows the skin to breathe freely. Plus, it’s specially treated to make it impossible for bacteria, mold, and mildew to grow.
  • It’s Smoothing…It smoothes all the bumps and rolls.  I am so impressed.  I wear it all the time now. Vera Vasi’s unique design won’t just define your body; it will also micro-massage your skin with every move. The supportive garments will smooth lumps and bumps while also reducing muscle fatigue and soreness.
  • It’s Luxurious…I feel better and love how it feels on my body. Vera Vasi’s detailed craftsmanship and stunning designs carefully cater to your body type, without feeling cumbersome or uncomfortable.

Please check out Vera Vasi and all their products! 

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