Just Like a Cat Face - Cat Makeup

Cat makeup is the right choice if you want a look that’s quick to apply and yet can dazzle the crowd. It’s picture perfect makeup that works for Halloween and Costume Parties. It’s a fantasy look worth purring for and if you’re considering a kitty costume you can make your look complete with the right makeup to match your feline fashion. Here’s how to put little wow in your meow in just minutes.

Cat Makeup Ideas

Your costume can be composed of a simple DIY cat’s tail, pointed ears and some tights and leotards. Then get ready to amp it up with cat eye makeup, whiskers and a cute little black kitty nose.Whatever the look and overall appeal you are looking for, you definitely want to match it with eye-catching makeup that will surely have them crawling your way.

There are several ways to create the look. Here are a few Makeup Notebook favorites:
Tip: Use gel eyeliner pencils. They’re easy to work with and they last longer than other types of eyeliner.
  • Simple features painted on using makeup.
  • Exaggerated features with a focus on cat eye makeup.
  • Fantasy makeup look using crazy contact lenses.
First you have to decide whether you would like to have your entire face painted. If you’re not too comfortable with this option, then specific areas can just be highlighted. You can get a look like the one above using your regular cosmetics, the colors from a makeup kit or even a face painting kit.

Cat Makeup Tutorial

Get started by applying a face makeup primer to provide a barrier for the darker shades. Even out your skin tone with a little foundation makeup. Now get ready for makeup fun!
1 Apply an eye makeup base or use a white cream eyeshadow on your upper lids.

2 An eye makeup crayon or smoky eye makeup kit can be used for the shadow on your upper eyelids.

3 This look depends on a heavy eyeliner application and a gel eyeliner works well because it tends to last longer and smear less. Extend the eyeliner beyond the eyes both at the outer edge and the inner edge.

4 Use the same eyeliner and draw on a triangle black nose.

5 Make three dots below your nose on each side and the extend three lines outward and upward on your cheeks.

6 Lips can be red hot sexy or do a pale natural lip look. Either way, a lipstain pen is essential if you want your look to last all night. Top it off with some lip gloss and your set to go.

You’ll look irresistibly feline with a smoking hot take on the “cat’s eye” or a playful mouth that will make that purr more noticeable. Ready to change up your look?

Feline Eyes Stand Out

Take your feline look up a notch by using false eyelashes. Thick black eyelashes are always perfect, but if you want to go really wild with fantasy makeup then choose silver or gold lashes.

Now here’s an interesting touch. Wear some crazy contact lenses in cat eye designs. You can find them online in a variety of colors. To make it all the more convincing, opt for green or golden yellow cat eye contacts. Do you want to look really mysterious? What about glow in the dark contacts? They give your look a really eerie feel.

As a finishing touch to your cat makeup whisk on a little mineral veil or shimmer on your cleavage and shoulders and polish your nails. Enjoy the party!

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