How to Style Your Hair for a Wedding on a Hot Day

Whether you’re the bride, part of the bridal party or a guest, nobody wants frizzy hair at a wedding or photos of themselves when the humidity has taking its toll on your hairstyle.

There are certain hairstyles that are better in the heat than others because they are more heat- and moisture- resistant. Make sure you do your research before heading to a stylist on your big day!

It doesn’t matter whether your hair is long or short, there are ways to help tame it in the humid weather.

Starting Point

Wet Hair
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On a hot day, your hairstyle might wither and wilt in the heat, so make sure you give it the best possible start to the day. Don’t wash your hair the morning of the wedding—the night before is fine. Freshly-washed hair tends not to hold hairstyles as well as unwashed hair does. On a hot day, hairstyles tend to hold for even less time than on a cooler day.

Use a volumizing spray when blow drying your hair and ensure it is fully dry (and no moisture left in the hair shafts). Use a holding mousse or spray when drying and curling or using straightening irons. Try a small amount of backcombing if your look requires extra volume, but be careful not to cause hair breakage, which can turn into flyaway hair when things turn humid.


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A braid is traditional yet also has a modern and fashionable feel to it. What’s more, it usually holds well, can get the hair away from your neck and there are lots of different varieties with which to experiment.
One option is to braid your hair along the top of your head like a headband. You can also try a single braid or two, a French braid or fishtail waterfall braid. There are so many options to try out, just take a look at the Internet for inspiration and ask your stylist to give one a go.

Braids can be tricky to do on your own hair, especially if you want it falling down the back of your head so enlist the help of a friend or professional. Use a small amount of spray or gel to smooth down any flyaway hairs and secure the braid with a pretty clip or flower.


Twists Hair
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There are many more ways to experiment with your hairstyle if you decide to twist it up.
This can mean piling all of your hair into a single twist and pinning up as a French twist or lots of smaller twists leading to a ponytail or bun. Twisted hair is less likely to succumb to the heat and go frizzy because it is secured and the strands are less likely to be exposed to moisture.

Simply finish your hairstyle with some spray to hold everything in place or gel to smooth down stray hairs and the style should hold all day despite the temperature.

Classic Chignon

Classic Chignon Hair
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A chignon is a bun or top knot. It’s a classy and chic hairstyle that is perfect for brides or wedding guests, especially when contrasting a simple chignon against a detailed dress/gown. Portia De Rossi opted for this hairstyle at her wedding with Elen DeGeneres and looked like the perfect, classic bride.

The best part is that the chignon can be tied high or low on your head and made to look more casual or formal. High or low, it keeps hair off your neck and avoids making you even hotter on a hot summer’s day.
Before you put your hair in a bun, smooth it down to keep it in place. Another trick is to curl the hair before you put it up, which helps it stay in place more securely.


Waves Hair
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A lot of people tend to stay away from curls in humid weather, but in fact they can work a treat as they thicken and enhance the hair’s natural texture. Use some volumizing spray and make sure to use plenty of hair spray to fix the style.

If you hair is naturally curly or wavy, go natural and use a serum or mousse. Put your hair into a high ponytail to keep the hair away from the neck or if you want to brave the hair down look and take the heat, clip sections back using pretty grips or clips.

Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail Hair
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A classic but also a favorite, stars such as Taylor Swift and Lauren Conrad often sport a side ponytail, which is also a perfect wedding style. The great thing is that it lifts the hair and can be changed to suit your outfit, so the ponytail can be left hanging, curled or twisted up and secured.

Styles to Avoid

Styles to Avoid Hair
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The problem with very hot days is that hairstyles can lose their hold, become frizzy or simply make you hot when long hair sticks to your neck and shoulders.
Some styles to stay away from include straight and sleek bobs and general down styles. These styles tend not to look as sleek or straight at the end of a 15-hour stint, especially in the heat.

Staying Power

Staying Power Hair
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Weddings can often last from mid-morning to the early hours of the next morning. Even on cooler days, many hairstyles might not last in perfect condition. There are certain ways to improve the staying power.
Make sure you invest in a stronghold styling hairspray and gel, use a smoothing brush. Keep a compact mirror and spare grips with you in your handbag so that you can touch up during the day. The hairstyle needs to last, not only through the heat, but all that dancing as well!

Don’t let the heat get in the way of you experimenting with hairstyles for a wedding. Take a look at online inspiration and have some fun. Why not try out a few styles and see how they hold on a hot day? A hair trial is a very good idea! Most of all, enjoy your day—a hot wedding means lots of great outdoor pictures, and there’s no reason your hair can’t look great too.

How have you styled your hair for a hot summer wedding?

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