How to make lips looks naturally pretty

How to make lips looks naturally pretty
This winter lip care should be one of the super important beauty tasks on your list and so today I will bring to you ways to enhance the beauty of your pout, how to lighten tone and improve texture of your lips skin, what natural colors are in the season and lip product suggestions to put on your list next time you go shopping.

Items to help naturally hydrate lips

This winter is all about those dark bold shades of plums and maroons but before trying these mattes following items can help you naturally hydrate those lips.

Shea butter

shea butter
Shea butter can moisturize your extra chapped lips.

Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera gel
For exfoliating of the lips skin apply aloe Vera gel.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil before bed time leaves them soft and pink.


Jojoba too is useful oil for gorgeous lips.


Rub a slice of cucumber over dry chapped lips to lighten its tone.


Simply apply glycerin over chapped and dry lips for few minutes leaving them hydrated.

Petroleum jelly

petroleum jelly
Last but not least one of my personal favorites is petroleum jelly. No lip care regime can be without it. Make it handy to apply petroleum jelly as and when you can, it helps hydrate your lips leaving them soft and healthy.

Home remedies for lip care

Want a quick fix up for your chapped lips or having a problem with dark lips here some useful home remedies for lip care with easy at kitchen ingredients.

Sugar scrub

sugar scrub
Add ½ teaspoon of sugar to a few drops of olive oil or either lemon juice, apply the mixture on chapped and dry lips using soft bristle tooth brush and scrub it for 3 – 5 minutes wash it off and apply high moisture lip balm repeat few times a week, a perfect remedy for exfoliation of your lips.

Saffron mixture

If you can get your hands on saffron in your kitchen, soak few of its strands in milk overnight and apply the mixture on your lips for 5 – 10 minutes, saffron is effective cure for discoloration of lips.

Beetroot juice

Squeeze some juice out of a sliced beetroot and apply it over the lips, repeat it few times a week for soft, pink and health looking lips. You can also add few drops of vitamin E oil to it if you want.


Honey has cleansing properties, apply a layer of honey over your lips before bed to heal cuts or restore color to your pout

Bee wax

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients bee wax is perfect solution for your lips.

Green tea bag

One of the simplest remedy for hydrating your lips is by pressing a used green tea bag over your lips for 4-5 minutes every day to heal chapped lips.

Nature inspired shades

Now that those lips are ready for color here are some suggestions of nature inspired shades for this season;

Plum (try Clinique’s PLUM)

This berry inspired dark shade can make the skin look shiny and is perfect for a vamp look.

Brown (try MACs light wood brown)

MACs light wood brown
These earthly shades of matte are for anyone who likes to be down to earth this season and especially for those with thin lips.

PINK (Try Maybelline’s Fuchsia)

For pink rosettes like lips try this natural shade which flatters all skin tones.

Deep red (Try Charlottes TILBURY’s brick red)

This deep cherry shade highlights those pearly whites of yours.

Burgundy (try top shops wicked)

top shops wicked
A perfect shade for those with tanned skin


Rouge is one of my personal favorite shades for that dark berry look (try Clarins rouge Éclat)

DIY lip stains

diy lip stain diy lip stains
Others than the above you can go all time natural by creating your own DIY lip stains, all you need is an ingredient we used before some beetroot juice which is a good antioxidant and can help nourish your lips. In case you don’t come in handy with some beetroot you can always replace it with pomegranate juice for perfect rose lips.

Natural ways to make your lips look fuller

lip surgery

Do you envy your friends those with a natural pout? Don’t want to undergo surgeries? So for those with thin lips here are some natural ways to make your lips look fuller and vice versa.
Salt and cinnamon is a DIY lip Plummer that can bring out a natural pout all you need is to mix half tea spoon of cinnamon and a pinch of salt and a table spoon of petroleum jelly mix them well and apply it smoothly over your lips for five minutes, apply some beetroot juice post washing followed by thick layer of petroleum jelly before bed try this remedy for a month for fuller natural lips.
You can also use an award winning augmentation gel “lip bloom” a replacement of surgeries.

Whereas if you are concerned in making your lips appear thinner here are few tricks

  • Avoid dark colors or lip gloss and use nudes and pinks to make your pout appear smaller. In case you want to use lip gloss apply it on the middle part of your lips only and use a matte finish on the outer part.
  • Use concealer or lip liner before you apply your lipstick.

Before we go here are some quick everyday tips for your lip care;

nivea spf 30 baby lips
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water
  • Avoid smoking and caffeinated drinks
  • Quit the habit of licking your lips
  • Always carry your lip balm in handy avoid using lip balms containing retinol
  • Use SPF protection lip balm when out in sun
  • (You can try NIVEA s lip care sun SPF 30)
  • Always remove lipstick before going to bed
  • Keep check on your vitamin and iron intake, lack of vitamin B can cause chapped lips
  • Avoid using too muck lipstick, you can replace them with lip tints or colored lip balms my personal favorite is Maybelline’s baby lips

Lips are important part of your face so make sure to take good care on routine and don’t ignore them.

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