With the colder months quickly approaching, dry skin starts to make its debut pretty early! We personally know the feeling all too well. Thanks to Dove, we no longer have to worry about this. Resident Makeup Artist Taryn Passifione is letting us in on her go-to product secret. With Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash, there is no need to worry about dry skin anymore. The rich and gentle lather has us covered. Check out what Taryn has to say below:
“As I was out shopping today, I was reminded that the holidays are just around the corner! Don’t you just love this time of year? It’s chilly enough to cozy up by a fire with a warm cup of cocoa and start breaking out those winter accessories! Cute beanies, scarves, (faux)fur everything!? Oh my! I also get to attend fabulous holiday parties with close friends and family. It is a busy time for my clients too! As many of them are in my chair, they are constantly asking me my beauty secrets. Some specifically wanting to know how I am keeping my skin so soft and moisturized with the colder weather approaching. I mean, we all know these adorable cocktail dresses look even better with ultra-smooth and soft skin.
It is so important to protect your skin in colder winter months! Not only is it important with your facial skin care routine, but for your entire body as well! This month is National Healthy Skin Month. Make sure you are giving your skin the love and nurturing it deserves and needs! One little secret I let my clients in on is how I keep my skin from getting dry and chapped over these colder months. Are you ready for it? Make sure to have a bottle of Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash in the bath or shower. I absolutely LOVE the rich lather Dove provides with the mildness my skin needs. It is no surprise that Allure named Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash “Best Moisturizing Body Wash!” in their Best of Beauty Awards this year.
Dove Body Washes take a dual approach to healthy looking skin by repairing and maintaining skin’s protective layer during cleansing. Just as I started to feel my skin getting ultra-dry, I decided to try this body wash in the shower. After just ONE shower using Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash, I could feel a difference in my skin! It contains the brand’s gentlest cleansers and provides a softer and smoother feel for my ultra-sensitive skin. Since Dove is the #1 Dermatologist and Pediatrician recommended brand, I use it for my children’s baths, too.
Do yourself a favor and run to your closest drug store and purchase this (22 fl.oz/ SRP $6.99) Body Wash. That way, when you are getting ready for those fabulous parties or cozy nights in, you can be confident and comfortable in your soft, smooth and healthy looking skin! You will be thanking us as it starts to get even colder. Having dry skin is never fun! 

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