How to Get Rid of Field Mice Naturally


Field mice include mice found in rural areas that like to feed on food sources in a homeowner's yard and try to get into the house. The term field mice can also refer to other rodents, such as voles. If you have a field mice problem, control the population in the safest way possible. Chemical sprays and poisons can be a dangerous addition to your house or lawn, particularly if you have children or own pets. The best solution is to try to attack the problem by using natural solutions.

Step 1

Secure any holes or entrances in your house where the mice could come in and look for food. Stuff steel wool around drainage holes and pipes.

Step 2

Eliminate the food supply for the field mice by keeping all bird seed, dog food and animal feed stored in airtight containers. Keep food or garden seeds inside your home. Make sure bird feeders are high above the ground where mice can't get to them.

Step 3

Remove any objects in your yard that the field mice could use as shelter, such as stacks of lumber, rock piles, weeds and dead leaves. Check bushes to see if the mice are using them for shelter.

Step 4

Buy inexpensive mouse traps and place them areas where the mice are most prevalent. Mix bird seed with peanut butter and place it as bait in the trap.

Step 5

Take out any old or moldy bait after six weeks and try a new kind of bait or location for your trap. For example, you can also use bacon, cheese, soft candy or cake. Make sure that the traps are placed at right angles near walls or other vertical objects.

Things You'll Need

  • Steel wool
  • Containers
  • Mouse traps
  • Bird seed
  • Peanut butter


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