How To Do Smokey Eyes Easy Makeup Artist Method

Learn how to do smokey eyes and you can wear a hot makeup combination – nude lips with dark eye makeup. Whether you are going for a day look, evening look, or doing gothic fantasy makeup, there’s a smoky eye look that’s right for you. This makeup artists method shows you simple makeup tips to achieve a great style you’re sure to love wearing.

Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

Learning how to do smokey eyes first requires that you define the eye makeup look you want to achieve:
1. Do you want to create a look that uses just eyeshadow or eyeliner, leaving the rest of the eye natural? Or…
2. Do you want a style that has a dark gray lid and dark crease? Or…
3. Would you rather have a look that is geared more towards evening, with some shimmer?
Start with the first look for daytime or evening. Once you get the hang oflining your eyes , then try darker eyeshadow looks.

Create an entrancing look with smokey eye makeup!

Smokey Eyeshadow Palettes

If you’ve never done this type of look before it will be a lot easier to learn how to do smokey eyes if you start with an eye makeup palette that contains colors for doing smokey eyeshadow. Why? Because the colors in the makeup palettes are coordinated by pros. They usually contain the dark eye makeup colors you need with a perfect highlighting color. It’s the easiest way to get create the look. Find out what colors will work for you:

Makeup For Brown Eyes
Makeup For Green Eyes

How To Do A Smokey Eye

Step One: Prep the eyelid area first by using an eyeshadow base. If you prefer you can use your foundation. Then make sure you use your best concealer under your eyes.

Step Two: Line your eyes with black. You can do this with either an eye pencil or your dry eyeshadow. If you are using eyeshadow then dip a flat liner brush into distilled water and then into your eyeshadow. Run it all the way across your lash line. Next – smudge it! You can use a cotton tip swab or a special smudge brush.

Step Three: If you want a darker style you have two options. You can either line the eyelid again to get a thicker look or…you can use a deeply pigmented color OVER the outer area of your eyelid and into the crease.

Step Four: For an evening look use metallic eyeshadows and light pink or white highlighting under the brow. Glitter makeup can top off the look.

Simple Tip
This eye look needs 3 coats of mascara in the deepest black you can find. For evening seriously consider adding false eyelashes.
After you learn how to do smokey eyes with gray eyeshadow , try using dark violets to get a look like the one above. This is also a good alternative if you have lighter eyes.

Oops…too dark a look for you? Then limit dark shadow to the outer areas of your eyes. Use light pink or white highlights on the inner areas of your eyes like the model above is wearing. Then soften the eyeliner.
If you are sporting a beautiful spray tan then consider doing a dark golden eye with a deep bronze or burgundy shade of eye liner. It’s a gorgeous look.

Remember, once you know how to do smokey eyes you can also use the same application techniques to create wonderful fantasy makeup looks for you and your friends.

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