How To Create Fairy Eye Makeup

Elegant fairy eye makeup using eyeliner and sequins can be done in minutes. It is visually breathtaking in its simplicity.  These tips tell you how to create a photo perfect look. Just one color of eyeliner is all it takes. Add a few sequins in the same color range and you’ve got instant elegance.

fairy eye makeup
Mesmerizing and Mysterious Swirls

How To Create The Look

Here’s what I love about this type of fairy eye makeup look. You can choose your favorite makeup style and then enhance it with that little extra fantasy frosting. As you can see from the photo above the look starts out with a gorgeous formal makeup look. The classic brown eyeshadow combined with red lipstick gives it a Hollywood feeling. A 1920s makeup look would be perfect for this. Then it’s time to dress it up.

How to draw the fantasy swirls:

1 Take a black gel eyeliner pen. Make sure it’s one with a fine point.2 Start at the outer corner of your eye and and make a half oval curve above your eyebrow.3 Add a thicker swirl on the end. Do the same for the outer area and cheeks.4 Now branch out. The swirls don’t have to match.

How to embellish the design:

1 Use false eyelash adhesive.2 Choose sequins that are the same color as the lines you drew. In this case black sequins work.3 Place a curved lines of sequins above the brow, the outer middle are and the cheeks.4 Add a few select single sequins and scatter them in the design to balance it out.

Variations of Fairy Eye Makeup

This make up style works for elegant looks and gothic fairy makeup looks. Don’t worry if  dark looks aren’t your thing. You can change it up by substituting colors. Here are a few makeup tips to do just that.
Use a blue eye pencil and combine it with crystal sequins or lighter blue sequins for a perfect winter fairy make up look.

Green eyeshadow paired with same color for the swirls works for forest creatures.
Purple can be used and looks sensational with light pink and violet eyeshadows. Top with purple mascara. Change it up with a little pink sparkle added. You could also use a little glitter for the dots.

Dying to go gothic?  Pick one of your metallic eyeshadows and have at it. Cover your eyelids entirely and then add the swirls.

I bet you’ll never look at those eyeliner pens the same now! Grab one next time you have a few moments to play and make sure to capture your favorite fairy eye makeup pic to share.

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