Homemade Remedies to Get Fuller and Bigger Lips

Many women dream to have bigger, fuller and sensuous lips. They make the face appearance more visibly and attractive. So it is unnecessary to say why maximum of the women run to the cosmetic clinics around. Though a surgery will surely give more long lasting results yet one should keep in mind that it might end up with bad results and a rationally empty bank balance. But surgery is not always the best way to accomplish that, as it may have many unfriendly consequences and give bad and unsatisfactory results.

Bigger Lips

So, before spending your hard earned money and exposing yourself to a knife and needle and painful surgeries, just have a look at these below relative budget remedies that you can try out within the luxury of your home and great desirable results. You will be surprised how plumper and more kissable your lips will become after using these remedies.

One of the fast ways to get bigger and fuller lips naturally is by taking right care and with the procedure of the perfect makeup for lips. Lemon, sugar, cinnamon and honey are some of the natural remedies that can use to keep them hygienic and moisturizes lips making it look big and full.

Homemade Remedies to Get Fuller and Bigger Lips:

1. One of the easiest and effective way is to rub your lips lightly with a dry toothbrush will have many aids for their feel, as well as for their look. Brushing will not only helps to eliminate dead skin cells and also makes the lips smoother, along with stimulating blood flow and circulation, letting your lips to plump marginally. To improve the brushing effects, you can also apply some honey to your toothbrush. This will make them even smoother and rosy pink.

Easy Ways to Remove Lip Stick From Lips
2. Prepare a natural lip plumper by mixing 6 tbsp. of olive oil, 6 drops of cinnamon leaf oil, and the gel of 1 vitamin E capsule. Store this solution in an air tight bottle. Apply it every night, and see the change.
3. Sugar scrub is an outstanding cleanser for removing the dirt and dead skin from lips giving it a glowing and pink look. Make powder of sugar and add a few drops of water and 2-3 drops of lemon juice to it. Now mix all ingredients and use this remedy for gently rubbing and eradicating impurities from the lips. This scrub makes lips look clean, fuller, bigger and pink. Wet a smooth cotton cloth in warm water and rub it to your lips for removing the dirt from it. You can apply a sugar scrub using with tooth brush for deep lip cleansing.

Sexy Lips

4. Mix 1 tbsp. of coconut oil, 1/3 th a tbsp. of melted cocoa butter and about 20 drops of sweet almond oil. Add 2 drops of cayenne pepper essential oil, natural glossy lip plumper ready to use. Mix all the ingredients and use it on lips daily, gently massage it on lips for few min then wash of using warm water.

5. Daily massage your lips with olive oil for few min and leave it for few min then wash off using warm water. You can also add little sugar in olive oil and use this scrub to gently rub your lips.

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