Hobbies and Mental Health – The Interesting Relation between Them

Hobbies and Mental Health - Womens Health
Like physical health, mental health is equally important. If we are not healthy inside, it will project itself out. Thus mental health is connected to physical health. Stress and depression, wild unproductive thoughts affect the mental health. It is caused by others and many a times by ourselves. If we are wise enough to keep ourself away from this, we need not worry or hate the materialistic world as the joy of life is buried within us in the form of a talent!

Hobbies – creative expression is not only an excellent way to pass time but also help in mental health which in turn does its bit towards your physical health. Every human has an inborn talent. Some recognize it by themselves; some need the help of the other to figure it out. When the inborn talent is recognized, cherished, fine tuned and brought out, it shines and brings the divinity in one.

Hobbies could be a game, education, an art, Music, collection, travelling, Blogging, Reading, Writing or a chore! They help increase memory power, concentration, logic, sometimes physical effort in case of collection hobbies thus help interact with likeminded people to explore more into it, etc thus there are unlimited number of benefits that one can arrive at by pursuing a hobby in their life.

If we go on and make out a list, it will end up into a vast list as there are so many things which can be converted into a productive hobby. 

“A Hobby a Day Keeps the Doldrums Away”

Let’s see how it helps us in healthy living:

Mental health: Idle brain is Devil’s workshop. This gives birth to people who cheat, who invent virus, hackers, etc. If their talent is channelized into productive things, they may help more than doing harm to the society. Many a times, it may ruin ourselves as we keep thinking about others or a matter which is not worth. Many a times, purpose of life achieves no meaning. So keeping our mind is equally important like how we keep our body work by doing various chores. Here is where hobbies give a helping hand. Thus it opens possibilities that you wouldn’t think of otherwise

Stress buster: Feeling stressed? Hobbies are excellent stress buster. Nothing can divert your mind in a productive way like a hobby. It is a very good friend which comes to help you when you have no concerned soul around. Sometimes it does even more than a friend thus becomes one’s best friend at most needed times. A good relaxing technique!

Simulate brain: Board games, brain games, solving puzzles, Reading, Writing simulates the brain, reduce the risk of dementia as it engages brain in novel and complex activities. Whether it is a scrabble, monopoly or backgammon, it not only entertains but also keeps the brain active.

Physical activity : Hobbies of collection, travelling, cooking and doing other chores makes one move in search for it physically in achieving it thus keeps one energized not just mentally but also physical.

Income generation: Hobbies can earn you an income thus giving you self-confidence, a sense of achievement and mental peace. The income may help you even pursue it in a better way.

Networking people: It helps you communicate with like minded people, share things. New friends network happens who may be more than willing to help you out in pursuing your hobby. Thus meeting, speaking and being in touch with a fellow human, getting acquainted to people provides immense mental health benefits rather than cribbing on something and staying alone.

Develop our knowledge: Hobbies will make one hunt for more info on their interest thus makes one become a data center of knowledge which when imparted to younger generation helps build up a generation with quality mental health.

Brings out talent and Motivates: Being recognized for our talent gives us immense pleasure, a sense of achievement, which cannot be replaced by any material in the world. Who doesn’t like compliments! It gives us a good feeling, a satisfaction, a new meaning to our life.

Personal development: It builds up your knowledge base, increase your creativity, help in decision making and many more qualities. These qualities if recognized by others not only help you in rising in your career but also gives sense of accomplishment thus imparts its immense benefit on your mental health.

Hobbies are of therapeutic use to fight depression and it has many more benefits. 

Imagine a world without art, music, games, entertainment, we wouldn’t have had any improvement in this world and this place would have been more of a still life than a lively one. However, too much of anything is not good. So limit yourself and live a balanced life. Save yourself from addiction. Happiness is contagious as it is easily absorbed by others. So be happy, inspire others, smile and bring a smile in others’ face.

Hobby! A great way to unwind and relax! Explore, choose, cultivate, pursue, experience, Enjoy!

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