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Fordyce spots on lips is a common condition of the skin. Fordyce spots on lips are found in 70% of men and 50% in women, with the state and various manifestations, some people have Fordyce spots on the lips very sparse, consisting of a few points can be counted, but some one Fordyce spots on the lips is quite strong, the number of multiple Fordyce spots, they can form plaques on lips.

 Fordyce spots appear mainly on the skin, but most of it is quite difficult to identify, easy to identify them in the face and genitalia, fordyce spots on labia minora in women makes them confused, especially Fordyce spots on lips adversely affect the patient, it does not affect and cause any discomfort to the patient about health perspective, you should know that Fordyce spots on lips can be reduced without interfering with time and age of the patient. Fordyce spots on lips is not a contagious disease, it is the result of the sebaceous glands under the skin become overactive. The reason for getting rid of fordyce spots on lips would be purely cosmetic.

Fordyce Spots on Lips Removal

Tretinoin gel or cream
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When the Fordyce spots on lips appear sparse, Fordyce spots on lips removal fast as you achieve the desired effect, with the use of tretinoin gel. Tretinoin gel or cream may be an effective treatment for Fordyce spots on lips if you apply it once a day and your lips. You can use Tretinoin gel or cream combination with alpha hydroxy acid agents, which exfoliate your skin. Tretinoin gel is mainly used to treat acne.
Accutane is considered stronger than tretinoin, and for a chronic case of Fordyce. They are called the generic name is istotretinoin. It is an oral drug, doctors often prescribe for patients with acne treatment, in the case of acne can present serious and heavy, acne treatment has been treated with methods less robust did not bring the desired results and failed. You will need a prescription for Accutane. Pregnant women are not prescribed to accutanne because it can cause premature birth and fetal malformations. Accutane reduces the amount of oil by the sebaceous glands in the skin produce (Fordyce spots on the lips is not an infectious disease, but excessive Merely là activity of the sebaceous glands), so Fordyce may return when you stop using accutane use.
Wart Removal Methods
You can also be used to specify the method to remove warts' to fordcye spots on lips treatment, including burning or freezing of Fordyce spots. The Fordyce spots on lips can be removed using a power tool to burn, or use an acidic compound to treat. You may also be designated to freeze the Fordyce spots on lips with liquid nitrogen or liquid CO2. The intervention is painful and not always effective. Burning or freezing of Fordyce spots can leave scars on the skin.
Laser Evaporation
Using laser to remove Fordyce spots on lips are more efficient, comes with good treatment result is higher costs. You have to go to the doctor's office a few times to get the best treatment results and thoroughly. If this is your first time visiting this blog, I hope that you have found the answer and solution to the problem of fordyce spots on your lips. Hopefully next time you are here only to inform us you've successfully when tried fordyce spots on lips removal. Good luck.

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